A Few of my Favourite Things #1

One of the things I love about thrift blogs is when bloggers share their favourite things: purchases they’ve made, other blogs they follow, shops they frequent, that kind of thing. Today, I’m going to share some of my favourite recent purchases and tell you about one of my favourite thrift shops.

 Some of my favourite purchases: Everything I’m wearing in this photo was thrifted.


everything i’m wearing was thrifted!

Hat: $4 at Salvation Army in New Westminster. I’m developing a true hat fetish.

Jessica Coat: $4 MCC Abby East Thrift Shop in Abbotsford – the colour sold me, it just makes me smile.  Leather, faux-fur lined gloves: $2.50, MCC Abby East – super warm, even on a day like today when it’s -15C with the wind chill!

Contrast Jeans: $5 Value Village in Abbotsford. I have two pairs of these. The first pair I bought on sale at Reitman’s and loved them, then promptly lost a bunch of weight. Found this pair in a size smaller, which made me very happy.

Gelron 2000 Earth Spirit mules: $8 Second Touch in Abbotsford. So comfortable.

Red leather hand-bag: $2, Salvation Army, 4th Avenue Vancouver. Lots of pockets, holds a ton of stuff for a small hand bag.

 One of my favourite Thrift Shops: MCC Abby East

MCC Abby East #4 34150 S Fraser Way in Abbotsford

 If you read the About Me section, you’ll know that I work for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) a relief, development and peace organization of the Anabaptist Mennonite churches in North America – so I admit my bias here. MCC has over 100 thrift shops in North America, over 50 of which are in Canada. Here in BC, we have 9 shops, which last year contributed $1.6 million dollars to MCC’s budget enabling MCC to minister to those in need around the world. Not bad when you consider how cheap things are at your average thrift shop. Learn more about MCC at http://mcc.org 

 I’m particularly biased to the MCC Abby East Thrift Shop for a few reasons. My son was the first student to go through their Resume Builder program, which gives students experience in cash, customer service, shipping and receiving in exchange for volunteer hours served. He also had a chance to work there one summer and enjoyed it so much that I decided to volunteer there. We just moved into a new, bright, spacious store and I just love the layout and the other folks I volunteer with on Thursdays. But the main reason I love it there is because of the staff. Karen is the most encouraging, affirming, positive manager in the world; she really makes her volunteers feel valued. Geoff (the asst manager) and Andrew (shipping/receiving) are young, energetic and positive guys and the staff together just give the shop a great vibe.

 AND: you get great deals here.

Tell me about your favourite shop!

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  1. Anna-Marie says:

    Well, you know I’m an MCC girl through and through. My favourite shop is the Abbotsford Plaza shop. It’s walking-distance from my Abbotsford homes and I think I spent most of my money in high school at that store. I’ve found so many gems there, and I always seem to come away with something great. You remember my pink dress at Christmas? MCC Plaza!

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