Thrifted Gifts – No foolin’!

Jim Shore Angel, only $5

No this is not an April Fool’s post. I really do buy gifts at thrift shops. I’ve bought wedding, birthday, Christmas, Mother’s  Day and Father’s Day gifts at various thrift shops and all have been received with joy – and then with disbelief when folks find out where I got them. Yes, I always tell people that I got the gift at a thrift shop because seeing the reaction is half the fun of giving a thrifted gift!

 One of the best gifts I’ve ever given is this Jim Shore Angel that I gave to my favourite sister for Christmas one year. I found her (the angel, not my sister) at the MCC Abby East Thrift Shop; she was in great condition and only cost me $5. New, she sells for closer to $50.

oink, oink

My niece is a pig-collector. I’m not sure if she’s so into it anymore as she was when she was a kid. It started with her love for all things pink and since pigs are pink, they became worthy of her affection. She also wouldn’t eat pork for that reason. I found this funky pleather pig the same year, same shop, only 75 cents. Isn’t he cool?

can you identify the stone for me?

I also love it when I receive thrifted gifts and I have received a lot. The most recent gift I received was for my birthday last month. This beautiful jewellery set came from the same favourite sister who found it in a consignment shop. The earrings are a little heavy but I love the chunkiness of the set and the way the red bead accents the blue. It’s going to look great with a simple white top this summer. I have no idea what this stone is called, does anyone know?

The thing that’s so great about thrifted giving is that it really, really is the thought that counts. If someone has given me a thrifted gift, I know how much work and thought has gone into that. The giver didn’t just pop into a department store and grab something off of a shelf. My sister was treasure-hunting, something that already takes some dedication and effort, and when she found this jewellery set, she thought of me and bought it. To me, that makes the gift priceless.

 What thrifted gifts have you given or received? How would you react to receiving a thrifted gift?

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12 Responses to Thrifted Gifts – No foolin’!

  1. Cheryl Skupa says:

    I also find really great jewelry at thrift stores! Consequently, I own some really nice pieces that I couldn’t otherwise afford!

  2. Grace says:

    I definitely gift thrift, and I love to receive thrifted gifts. I’ve actually had a post percolating for a while about this very subject–thanks for reminding me!

  3. mongs says:

    Before reading your post I have never thought of buying gifts from a gift store. Not sure if they will be received with joy, cos most chinese are not very open to receiving second hand things for a gift. To some, it means bad luck. However, I am not superstitious, so I would be very happy to receive a thrifted gift like the necklace you got for your birthday…it is beautiful! Thanks for coming to my blog and for the sweet comments!

    love from

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond. It’s so interesting to read about thrift experiences in other cultures. There is a large Chinese population here in BC in Vancouver and especially in Richmond, (about an hour from where I live) and there are very few thrift shops in Richmond. It hadn’t occured to me that it might have something to do with the attitudes of the people who live there and how those attitudes are influenced by their culture. I might have to think about that, do some more research and maybe blog about that!

      Happy blogging! Angelika

  4. One of the aspects of travel that I’m intersted in is going to different areas thrift stores and seeing how the products/etc vary.. I know some friends of mine will always hit the VV in Chilliwack because it apparently has a higher than usual selection of outdoorsy gear 🙂

  5. Maureen Kehler says:

    For Christmas 2009 our 4 grown-up children made the rule that gifts could not be new. We had so much fun reusing and repurposing.

  6. Meagan says:

    Buying only second-hand presents has been a favorite Christmas tradition in our family too!

    P.S. Angelika, the stone used in your jewelry looks like turquoise.

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  8. Deb says:

    Turquoise is mined in many different countries, so it varies in colors and how it polishes up. There is however howlite that is a stone that is dyed to look like turquoise. Whatever it is, it’s very pretty!

  9. Deb says:

    OH, and I love getting gifts and giving gifts from thrift stores. Love the idea of recycling.

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