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Two things that my son, Aaron, has ‘inherited’ from his mom are a passion for music and a love of thrift. Truly, this warms my heart. Lately, he’s combined these two passions by starting a vinyl record collection.

 “I remember playing records at Oma’s house when I was a kid,” he says. “But when I was at my friend’s house and saw his dad’s copy of ‘Sargent Pepper’s’ on vinyl, I knew I wanted to start collecting too.”

just a few of Aarons thrifted records

He began immediately by purchasing two albums at a thrift shop: Loverboy and Boney M’s Christmas album. Clearly, he has a taste for classics. Last summer he resurrected his Oma’s record player, replacing the needle and belt and while he also purchases new music on CD or itunes, he has slowly but surely built a vinyl collection of new and used records.  When asked why he, a digital native, would be interested in such an old-school form of music, he reflects that it’s very much a tactile experience.

 “I like everything about vinyl – the large size of the album covers, the artwork, some have really cool wax; it’s just a feel that you can’t get from CDs and certainly not from digital music,” he says. “And I really like the sound of vinyl.”

Bad Co, Frigid Pink, Beach Boys, Beatles

 Aaron has 52 thrifted records, both full albums and 45s. He’s paid as little as 10cents and as much as $5. He’s quite open when he’s searching, will look for anything that has a cool look to it and is in pretty good shape. He checks for smudges and scratches and prefers it when the album sleeve is in good condition. What he likes about thrift record shopping is the treasure hunt.

 “You’re sifting through a lot of crap but you never know what you’re gonna get,” he says. “I love that moment of amazement when you flip past a crappy one and then there’s this amazing find and it’s like ‘whoa’.”

Some of his favourite Beatles albums


nice. (artwork behind Aaron by Anna-Marie Janzen)

His current favourite is the Beatles 1967 to 1970 on blue wax. “It’s just a really nostalgic experience to own a record.”

 April 16th is national record store day and if Aaron wasn’t working (at a thrift shop, no less) he’d be in Vancouver visiting Neptoon Records.

I’m linking to Apron Thrift Girl and Thrift Core

 Do you collect vinyl? What’s your favourite album (on any medium?)

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  1. Landen says:

    The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds best vinyl!

  2. Van says:

    What a sweet article, I love how you added another dimension to this by quoting Aaron. Cute photos, too!

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