Something Old, Something New , Something Borrowed, Something Blue

So I’ve got wedding, marriage and anniversary on the brain. It was so lovely watching the wedding this morning. Loved the greenery in the cathedral, Kate’s dress was absolutely beautiful and the groom looked pretty spiffy too, eh? The rendition of “Ubi Caritas” was just glorious – so glad I PVR’d it so I can listen to that again.

I don’t imagine that there was a single thrifted item in that whole sanctuary (although wouldn’t that have been cool?) but I understand that Kate did borrow her tiara from the Queen.  The something blue would have been the sapphire in her engagement ring. The old was everywhere – the cathedral, the language, the hymns – although there was a new song commissioned for the occasion, so I guess they covered all their bases!

aren't we cute?

I’ll be celebrating something old on Tuesday, May 3rd – the 25th anniversary of my marriage to my sweetheart, John. We’re still madly in love and if I had to marry John again, I’d do it in a heart beat – although I’d do it in a thrifted gown and find a great suit for John in a thrift shop too.

the Queen and Prince Phillip tray

brand new Hallmark frame that says "What God has joined together, let no one separate"

Lots of thrift shops have wedding and royal things up for grabs these days (if you can see past the Canucks stuff also on display) Like this great stuff from the MCC Abby East thrift shop. If I were to send Will and Kate a gift, I’d send them this new Hallmark photo frame because it’s beautiful and I love its sentiment: I really hope that their marriage will last as long as his grandparents’ marriage – the Queen and Prince Phillip just celebrated 63 years of marriage recently. Isn’t that something?

The Right Reverend Richard Chartre, Bishop of London, gave a wonderful sermon. In it he said that God intended marriage to be a place where a man and woman help each other become our true selves, that the more we give of our selves, the more we grow in soul. He also said it’s possible to transform one another as long as we don’t intend to reform one another. I have experienced all this in my marriage to John. He has been so generous in his love to me, has given himself to me fully, and because of that I have been and am being transformed every day into my true self.  While I love all things thrift, it is in love that I believe we need to be as extravagant as we can.

here's a great example of an anniversary gift the you SHOULD NOT BUY for me. or anyone else, for that matter.

And here’s something else extravagant: All MCC Thrift Shops are having customer appreciation sales today and tomorrow (April 29&30). 3 colour tag discounts, free coffee and goodies too. Enjoy!


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