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One of my favourite blogs, Apron Thrift Girl, has a “Thrift Share Monday” in which she posts photos and stories about her weekend’s finds.  Normally I don’t have time to blog on Mondays because I’m at my “real” job but since today is Victoria Day, a holiday in Canada, I am excited to be able to share with you some of my great finds from a weekend of thrifting.


On Saturday, I hit 4 shops in Abbotsford – Hidden Treasures (didn’t find anything there this time), MCC Clothing Etc., Salvation Army and Life’s Second Chance Thrift Shop.

breathe deeply, can you smell their beautiful scent?

I got my biggest deals at the Sally Ann.  This beautiful vase was… wait for it… only

does anyone know anything about this brand?

25cents!! The sticker on it says “Colorful Working House” – a brand I’ve never heard of. I have no idea if it is of any value but I don’t care. I picked it up because of its cheerful colour, its elegant shape and size. It’s perfect for a handful of lilacs which are finally blooming in my backyard.

I also picked up a few magazines and Teacher Man by Frank McCourt. I read Angela’s Ashes, which I loved, and ’Tis, which I didn’t love as much but I’ve never read this one. It’s about his life as a teacher. I’m going to read it and if I think he’ll like it, I’m going to gift it to my dad for Father’s day.

ei love the idea of yoga. will actually have to try it someday. love Chatelaine for its recipes.

I also picked up this CD called Motherhood and comes from the Prairie Home Companion radio show. For you Canadians who aren’t familiar with this, think of CBC radio’s Vinyl Café and you’ll know exactly what it’s like. Garisson Keillor is the host of the variety show and this CD focuses on mothers with songs, poems, hilarious radio sketches and the like. It’s hilarious. I’ll listen to it for a year, then probably give it to my mom for Mother’s Day next year. Now that’s shopping ahead.

anyone listen to Prairie Home Companion?

work, work, work

At the MCC Clothing Etc I found these brand new leather working gloves that I just know my husband and son are going to love.  (That was sarcasm for those who don’t know my family.) I also found a replacement for my wallet which broke the day before. The fact that I found this wallet is nothing short of a miracle. I am super picky when it comes to wallets. They have to have tons of card slots as well as room for bills and change but they have to be able to be completely closed by zipper. I’m just paranoid of having my cards fall out of my wallet unbeknownst to me.  It’s not that easy to find a wallet that fits this bill – even new. So I was so pleased when I found this one, in great shape, for $2.50.

how many loyalty cards do you have? do you carry them with you all the time?

lots of room for pennies and Canadian Tire money...

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon with my beautiful sister in Fort Langley. I love thrift shopping with Benita. She’s just as passionate about thrift shopping as I am. We hit the Value Village in Langley, which is a really good one. I almost always find great stuff there – especially when I’m with Benita because she seems to have radar for great stuff.

aren't these just kickass boots?

Remember my blog post about my shoe fetish? Well I have to confess that I added to the collection. I blame it on Benita, who walked by these and pointed them out to me. They were $11. Honestly, how could I pass them up? They’re rear-entry boots, which is kinda cool, and are in mint condition. I LOVE the colour, although I had to think of the movie Kinky Boots: “please tell me I haven’t inspired burgundy!”

I also found a t-shirt and a brand-new -still-had-store-tags-in-it cord jacket.

at $12, this was my most expensive item of the weekend. i passed up a few things at VV because they were, in my opinion, priced too high.

I’m linking to Apron Thrift Girl so you can see what she found this weekend. How about you? What did you find in your thrifting travels this weekend?

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4 Responses to Thrift Share Monday

  1. Waltrude Gortzen says:

    I found a whole bunch of fabulous piggy banks!
    It’s for the Women’s Retreat weekend in the fall!

    • angelika says:

      now that sounds interesting! are you allowed to say what folks will be doing with those piggy banks? do you need more? i often come across them in the toy department at Abby East, i can set them aside for you.

  2. SixBalloons says:

    Wowee, it is indeed a shocker to find a perfect wallet in such great shape. Great scores! I also find that Value Village is quite expensive. I think they are factoring in the discount sales or something.

  3. Geoff says:

    I didn’t really spend any time thrifting for myself, but my mother- and sister-in-law drove out from Ontario this weekend and spent about 2.5 hours on Friday browsing around the store. They had my 3 year old nephew with them (quite a feat for a kid so young to make such a long drive, but he’s amazing!) so they bought him a bunch of new toys for the ride home, lots of yarn and fabric (Mom needs to make more things for the baby my wife is building), and a variety of clothes (the items they realized they forgot to pack after a week on the road). I knew I had married into a thrifting family, but even I was impressed!!

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