Before and After and Some Fun Finds

I asked for your advice on a pair of jeans I purchased a couple of months ago. I wondered if they were too long and most of you agreed, so I had them altered. I paid $3 for them originally and paid $10 to have my friend and colleague, Sarah, alter them.  Here’s the result; what do you think?

the long...

... and the short of it










This week, I also had the opportunity to visit a couple of thrift shops, including the MCC Thrift Shop in Vancouver. This is the shop of choice for Cindy Nickel who isn’t buying anything new this year. (You can read about that here.) As I work for MCC, I was there doing a story about volunteers and this gave me the opportunity to go where only employees are allowed to go. I didn’t take any photos of the back room area but let me tell you they make use of every nook and cranny in this tiny space. Some sorters have to climb ladders to their work spaces which have been built in lofts just high enough so that someone else can sort underneath.

This shop is a little unique in that its volunteers reflect not only MCC’s values but also the ethnically diverse community. My story about that will be up on the MCC website next week. I had a lovely time chatting with folks and also got a chance to do a little shopping, of course. Here’s what I found:


not bad for $2

This cool copy of the Lord of the Rings Return of the King sound track includes a CD and a DVD with an interview with Howard Shore, the composer of the LotR movie scores. Howard is a Canadian – so Happy Canada Day!

Aaron was with me and found a copy of Sleepy Hollow to add to my Tim Burton movie collection. I LOVE Tim Burton movies; they are just so weird. And Johnny Depp? He could read the phone book on screen and I’d be a happy girl.


what's your favourite Tim Burton movie?

After I’d finished my interviewing and shopping there, we headed to Main Street and I peeked in at the YWCA Thrift Shop on 26th and Main. This is an eclectic little shop with fun clothing, knickknacks, shoes and accessories. I picked up 2 CDs for a dollar – another monkey themed one for my niece: Juice Monkeys’ Bulbous and Fragrant.


should one be happy or sad when one finds their own CD in a thrift shop?

I also picked up Cascadia by Kat Wahamaa – because I actually know Kat! She is the program director at the Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford. I knew she was a singer but didn’t know she had a CD, so how cool is that?

pretty spiffy, eh?

I lost my favourite sunglasses a few weeks ago and have been trying to find a replacement for ages. I find sun glasses hard to fit – they can’t be too heavy on my sinuses, they can’t pinch at my ears, if they sit too low on my cheeks they fog up in cold weather… so I’m pretty picky. These fit the bill – and of course, the day after I bought them, I found my others, so now I have two pairs of stylin’ cheap sunglasses.


includes select stories from the OT, the whole of Mark's Gospel, the Lord's prayer and a forward by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I also bought The Bible in Cockney. Yes really. Here’s the Lord’s Prayer:

Hello, Dad, up there in good ol’ heaven,

Your name is well great and holy, and we respect you, Guv.

We hope we can all ‘ave a butcher’s at heaven and be there as soon as possible; and we want to make you happy, Guv, and do what you want ‘ere on earth, just like what you do in heaven.

Guv, please give us some Uncle Fred, and enough grub and stuff to keep us going today, and we hope you’ll forgive us when we cock things ups, just like we’re supposed to forgive all them who annoy us and do dodgy stuff to us.

There’s a lot of dodgy people around, Guv, please don’t let us get tempted to do bad things. Help us keep away from all nasty, evil stuff, and keep that dodgy Satan away fro us, ‘cos you’re much stronger than ‘im.

You’re the Boss, God, and will be for ever, innit?

Cheers, Amen.

Not much more one can say after that, is there? Happy Canada Day everyone!


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  1. angelika says:

    after a chat with Kat, i found out that her CD was nominated twice for West Coast Music Awards – it’s a really good folk/country-ish CD (i swear she’s channeling June Carter sometimes) check it out here:

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