Lost and Found

I have decided that the best way for me to find something that I’ve lost is to replace it. Cases in point:

I bought the fleece-upper, leather-palmed gloves on the left years ago and love them. My wedding ring has a pear-shaped diamond that tends to hook on any kind of woven or knitted gloves and unravel them. Very annoying. So finding gloves like this that are warm, don’t interfere with my ring, and don’t slip on a steering wheel was a happy find. Imagine my dismay when I lost them.


love gloves that i can use for driving

But it was mid-winter and my hands were freezing so I went to the MCC Abby East Thrift Shop and found these fabulous, all-leather, fur-lined gloves for $2. I was thrilled. The next day I went to church and found the original gloves on the front pew where I’d left them at choir practice the previous Monday.

I bought these sunglasses on sale at H&M for just $6. I hate buying sunglasses. They are often too tight on my head and give me a headache or they rest too heavy on my sinuses which are sensitive to begin with. They need to be dark enough to block out the sun but cannot have thick arms or they block my peripheral vision. You’re probably beginning to understand why I have a hard time finding them. So when I found these at H&M for such a steal I was very happy and very grumpy when I lost them.

A few weeks later, I found these at the YWCA Thrift Shop in Vancouver for $2. 100% UV protection, very stylin’, not too heavy, a teeny bit tight but I’m going to take them to an optical shop and get them stretched. A week later, I found the black ones in the pocket of my work bag.

But probably my most unique lost and found story involves these unique bracelets. I got the four thicker ones on the left in Cambodia in 2008 when I travelled there with MCC. I bought 5 bracelets for 50cents from some children hawking them on the street outside Ankar Wat. They’re woven grass of some kind, super light and I love them. But last summer I lost a thin one, leaving me with only four. I was really saddened by this because I loved the way the thin bracelet balanced out the thicker ones. I thought I’d have to go back to Cambodia to replace it! Imagine my delight when I found this single, thin bracelet at Value Village in Langley for 99cents.

me, wearing my camp squeah t -shirt, at Ankar Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Now, given how often I lose things, isn’t it a good thing I shop thrift? Imagine how much I’d have paid to replace all these things at retail prices (especially the trip to Cambodia…) What’s your lost and found story?

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4 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. Denise says:

    Hmmm…I am going to have to take lessons on this new way of finding my lost items….I have not been able to find my hair diffuser since I moved 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    Great question. I’m trying to think of something, but am not finding anything.

    I will say this, however. My shoes have been breaking. These are all shoes that I’ve had for 5+ years and wear a lot, shoes that I could never replace. The most recent was a pair of leather/tire sandals from a street vendor in North Brazil. I will have them repaired and they will be good as new (hopefully).

    • angelika says:

      i’m curious as to what leather/tire sandals look like – and will a shoe repairman repair them with tires? i must say, a good cobbler is worth his weight in gold – i’ve had shoes that i’ve worn to death too and having them repaired so i can continue to wear them is so great; there are simply some shoes that just can’t be replaced!

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