Summer Holiday Thrifting – Oliver, BC

My family goes to Oliver BC each year and spends a week at Lake Side Resort. This sounds very glamorous but it’s not really; Lake Side is simply that a place on Tuc el Nuit Lake (shallow and quiet, no motor boats allowed) with camping, cabanas and a motel unit. My mom, sister and our kids always try and hit the thrift shop in town when we’re there.

Oliver Hospital Thrift Shop

The Hospital Thrift Shop in Oliver supports the local hospital (duh) and is a sweet little shop completely run by volunteers. Nothing is overpriced, there’s no “boutique” section where they put name-brand stuff and my mom discovered that if the lady at the till is appalled by a spot on a sweater, she’ll give it to you for free!

Aldo leather purse

I got this Aldo leather purse for a dollar (instead of its $2 price tag) because it had a Kleenex in it. (Egads!) It’s an unusual blue-grey colour and has lots of compartments, which I like.

Reitmans Contrast Jean Skirt

My sister found this Reitmans jean skirt on the rack for me – I love shopping with her. She has great-find-radar.

Lovely Leaf Plates

I scooped up this trio of leaf plates on my way to the til – three plates for $1, made by Thelma. They will look so nice on my coffee table this fall.

I wish I knew someone named "Thelma"; it's just such an iconic name, don't you think?

I’ll share more about our GREAT Osoyoos find later this week. If you want to check out some more fun finds, visit Thrift Core and see what Van found at flea markets in Florida.

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