Serendipitous Find

Under the categories of “Perfect Thrift Gifts” and “You really can find anything at a Thrift Shop” comes this story.

My friends Dan and Amy Landes are from the USA – Dan from Pennsylvania and Amy from Iowa.  The young couple spent the past two years living in Abbotsford, BC as voluntary service workers with MCC. This week they head home… well for Amy, anyway. After many discussions, they decided to settle in Iowa.

L_R Dan and Amy Landes, Maria Wiens

To say goodbye, the couple hosted a picnic at Mill Lake Park and my friend Maria Wiens –  an avid thrift shopper – chose this event to present them with a gift: a story book titled “I is for Iowa.” It’s a great little book that tells you something about Iowa with every letter of the alphabet (Q is for Quaker Oats, did you know that?) The book is in mint condition and she got it at the MCC Abby East Thrift Shop.  Truly, it was the perfect gift.

Canadians are sometimes critical of their American neighbours but Dan and Amy remind us that there are plenty of Americans who are absolutely wonderful, giving, selfless, warm-hearted and fun-loving.  I wish Dan and Amy all the best as they return home – to Iowa.

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  1. gk says:

    I knew I recognized that book! Glad it found a good home 🙂

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