Buying Back to School Clothes the Thrifty Way

Because I subscribe to Canadian Living magazine (which I love) I also receive their online newsletter (which I also love) and last week’s newsletter had an article titled “How to Save Money on Back to School Clothes.” Of course, one of the points was to shop thrift.

Me and my sister in front of mom's 76 Beetle. nice, eh?

Growing up, my sister and I always wore second-hand clothes – either purchased at a thrift shop or hand-me-downs from cousins. For the most part, I loved getting the hand-me-downs especially because I really looked up to my cousins and it felt cool getting their cast-offs. But every once in a while I wished that I could just have a new thing, something brand name, like everyone else. Did you ever feel that way?

this is the first sweater i ever bought at a thrift shop with my own money. cost me a buck.

I outgrew this when I started spending my own money on clothes and realized how much more I’d save if I bought thrift. I also discovered how great it was to wear unique clothing rather than being like everyone else.

this represents about... 1% of Aaron's eclectic t-shirt collection, nearly all of which is thrifted.

As a parent, I always bought Aaron’s clothes second-hand and there were very few things we had to buy new – shoes and boots mostly. He’s often been the envy of his classmates when he’s arrived in designer clothes that cost a fraction of what you’d pay retail. I don’t remember having very many conversations about buying new items or him being embarrassed about wearing thrifted clothes. Maybe we mixed it up enough or his friends weren’t as brand-conscious as others.  Most of his friends shop thrift too.

Aaron and his buddy Adriel (who will soon be roomates) at a formal bowling youth event. Everything Aaron is wearing except for glasses and hat are thrifted.

The Canadian Living article has a few other good recommendations like hosting a clothing swap (something I will blog about in the future) and buying used online on sites like Craiglist, Ebay or Kijiji. This is something I’ve never done because I always wonder how you can tell if something will fit or not. Have you done this before? What’s your advice for shopping thrift for back-to-school or for shopping thrift online?

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7 Responses to Buying Back to School Clothes the Thrifty Way

  1. Leah says:

    I really, really love finding thrifted clothing for myself. I love being able to smile to myself when someone compliments my sweet outfit…and I know I paid just pennies!

  2. Leanne says:

    I have bought a few things off Ebay. If you are not sure wether they will fit you can ask the seller for the measurments. I have got some amazing vintage dresses for a couple of pounds.

  3. Megan says:

    Great pics 🙂

    • angelika says:

      there don’t seem to be alot of Goodwill shops in BC – one in Nanaimo, i think. There’s none in Abbotsford where i live and i don’t know of any in Vancouver. Does anyone else know?

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