Aaron’s off to University

September 12: Here at long last is a photo of  Aaron’s new place. Coffee table ($10) couch ($35) and dinette set ($35) all thrifted – oh ya, so was the framed Wolverine poster in the background – don’t know how much he paid for that! The couch obviously works well enough for father and son to watch TV!

home sweet home!


This year, Aaron is off to Capilano University where he will be studying Motion Picture Arts so that he can be the next Steven Spielberg and take care of his parents in their old age (ahem.)

Retro diner salt and pepper shakers, made in Canada, 25 cents each, MCC Abby East

Going to Cap has meant moving out so he and his buddy, Adriel, are sharing a basement suite. Both have grown up in frugal families and so they have no problem furnishing and stocking their new digs with all things thrift. They’ve already bought a coffee table, a couch and a very groovy table and chairs.

We’ve also gotten a number of things for the kitchen – retro s&p shakers, wooden spoons and the like. What’s been cool is how others have contributed to their place as well – his Oma has given them cutlery, a kettle and colander. A colleague at work gave them a whole set of dishes. He also got a whisk, BBQ sauce and a “Roadkill Cookbook” for his birthday from his aunt (mmm, squirrel.  !!)

They joked at one point about creating a list of what they still need and facebooking that to see what else others might contribute. I actually thought that was a pretty good idea. Why not? If your kid is setting up a home for the first time and I have something they need that I’m no longer using, I’d be more than happy to gift it, wouldn’t you?

It is a little weird sending my only child off to university. This is one of those moments where I feel like time really has flown because it actually does feel like just yesterday that we brought this long awaited child home from the hospital. It’s pretty cool to be at this point in life and we’re very proud of Aaron. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and hopefully he’s learned a thing or two from his frugal parents too. I guess we’ll see!

The big move happens this weekend, so I’ll update this post with some photos later this weekend!

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  1. Helena says:

    What do they still need ?

    • actually, i think they’re all good to go! between parents, grandparents, their jobs at thrift shop and auction house, and stuff from friends, they seem to have furnished their appartment quite well! thanks for asking!

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