Could you travel like this?

In a very short while, I will be heading off on a dream holiday with my hubby to bonny Scotland.

no, i'm not in Scotland already. bought these babies for $5 at MCC Abby East. the tartan is very close to the St. Clair tartan , which is on John's mom's side of the family.

Packing for a long trip is always a challenge. You want to pack for every eventuality but you also want to pack light, to leave room for souvenirs and all that. You need to think of weather – and in Scotland, weather can be quite unpredictable.  It’s a matter of striking a balance between comfort and practicality.

As I was thinking about all this, I found this link to a TED talk by Jessi Arrington, who writes a blog called “Lucky So and So”.

Jessi Arrington who wears nothing new and LOVES colour!

On this little TED talk, she not only talks about buying nothing new, but shows the audience what she packed in her suitcase. Watch it first, then we’ll continue talking.

(I pause, while you watch fascinating, inspiring talk by Jessi. I am very patient.)

There. Good wasn’t it? But here’s the question of the day: could you do that? Could you pack 7 pairs of underwear and nothing else and then just shop at a thrift shop for a week’s worth of outfits, knowing that what you find is all you will have to wear for that week?  It’s a pretty cool concept, isn’t it?

What I’m trying to get my head around is the consumerism aspect of it. While it is good that she shops thrift (which is essentially a fun way to donate to a charity) and gives back to thrift (which is her lesson in letting go) does it somehow promote consumerism? Even if she’s shopping thrift, she still dropped, say, $100 for a week’s worth of clothes that she’ll wear for that week and then never again. Is that a good thing or not? Where else but in the first world do we have this luxury?

But man, wouldn’t it be a blast? Imagine breezing in and out of an airport with nothing more than your undies and a purse! Could you do this? (Would you make it through security?)

If not, what’s your best packing advice?

P.S.  If you are in the Abbotsford BC area this weekend, be sure to stop in at the TRADEX and join in the MCC Festival – you’ll be sure to find some treasures, eat great food, listen to some great music, bid on hand-made Mennonite quilts… I could go on and on – just come and see for yourself –the fun starts tonight!

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13 Responses to Could you travel like this?

  1. Sherry Redekop says:

    Love the boots Angelika. I think I should hire you to be my personal shopper 🙂

  2. Ellie says:

    I enjoy your Thriftshopper blogs – Great post re packing for travel!
    I am admittedly handicapped when it comes to ‘packing/traveling light’ and recognize an inner dynamic ‘love/hate’ relationship with accumulating and then getting rid of things, which comes with travel (and moves and changes)…
    I resonate with your thoughts on consumerism… (incl. stewardship and responsibility)…; even thrifting feeds inner dissatisfactions and cravings … the need to get the right thing since it’s easily acquired, and then equally as easily disposed of (dropped off at MCC) when no longer needed;
    Bottom line – God provides – keep the ‘worry’ out – embrace the challenge – have fun while you are at it… Can’t wait to hear how you pack for your trip 🙂

  3. Waltrude Gortzen says:

    I’m thinking that will need to take pictures of the things that will end up in your suitcase.
    By the way — your boots look great and you will fit right in when you get to Scotland! 🙂

  4. sonja everson says:

    That was a pretty crazy TED talk. I really hope that she packed a toothbrush in her purse. There’s not a chance that I’d have enough confidence to pull off something like that.

    By the way, those are the cutest boots EVER!

    • angelika says:

      i know, right? i’m thinking i should try this when i go to winnipeg in October. i’m only going for 2 days, so it wouldn’t be as much pressure. i’ll have to give that a think!

  5. michelle v says:

    it sounds adventurous.the just packing the undies. it would be a cool project to thrift for the week with a limited budget ($25 say) and then repurpose the items afterwards.

  6. Laura says:

    The idea is wonderful for someone of average size who doesn’t typically have problems finding clothes off the rack anywhere. Add a little height (that’s me) or weight or extra curves, and put your shoe size at the small or large end of the spectrum, and this becomes impossible. Doesn’t mean we can’t strive towards the goal, though!

    • angelika says:

      good points! i’m average height – leaning towards short (i’m 5’4″) – and i have size 7 shoes, so there’s always tons to choose from. and it’s true, there are few petite or plus size options (although i’m always impressed with some of the beautiful things i’ve seen at MCC Abby East in the plus size section. someone must donate regularly and always donates gorgeous stuff.)

  7. Megan says:

    I’d seen that TED talk and loved it. I have another Canadian friend who loves TED and sent it my way. Thank you for sharing it. I think it’s a very worthwhile thing for people to watch and think about. I think that the premise of the thing is the accessibility of thrift, rather than the cost. She could have mixed and matched, but she chose to get a new outfit for every day to highlight the special-ness of thrift.

    Thanks Angelika!

  8. Jenifir says:

    I agree with your worries about consumerism but maybe for a young person learning to break an unsustainable habit and not yet aware of the possibilities in thrift, it could be an excellant experiment that could lead to a more mindfull approach to dressing oneself.

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