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The St. Andrew's Royal and Ancient Golf Course Club House

One of our stops in Scotland was the Holy Grail of Golf: St. Andrew’s. We visited the Royal and Ancient where John could only dream of actually golfing ; you have to have a proven handicap – and we don’t mean disability – and tons of money to actually be able to golf there.


Cathedral ruins at St. Andrew's

But St. Andrew’s is more than golf; it’s also a university town named after the patron saint of Scotland. For royal enthusiasts, this is where Will and Kate met.  It has a beautiful castle and cathedral ruin, set on a gorgeous coastline.


The castle ruins and coastline. It was idyllic.

The little book shop in St. Andrew's tucked away on a quiet, narrow street

And like all good university towns should, it has an excellent used book shop. Since I went to Scotland knowing that I didn’t own any Robert Louis Stevenson, I decided this would be a good thing to invest in. We got these beautiful, ancient copies of Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” and “Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde” (which I didn’t know he wrote until I began my pre-trip research on Scotland.)


You just feel smarter owning books like this.

the inscription inside Dr. Jekly and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

I also picked up a copy of Robert Burns poetry and “Sir Gibbie” by George MacDonald. The shop was not much more than a little crack in the wall but the young woman who was staffing it that morning was very knowledgeable and knew her inventory.


Quite a catch, wasn't he?

The inside cover of Mr. Gibbie by George MacDonald

More Scottish thrift next week but for now, tell me: Do you have a favourite Scottish author?


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  1. Skrymir says:

    This post was delectable. Mmmmm…nice finds.

  2. Cindyloo says:

    I love Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe.

  3. Selena Cate says:

    It was so fun to follow your journey to Scotland and especially see photos of all the thrift stores. I adored the bookstores in the UK. There is something almost magical to them. We are supposed to go to the UK next summer. I dread the flight but look forward to thrifting in the UK once again. I love the books you bought. The illustrations on the covers are gorgeous!

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