The 12 Days of Thrift Hearted Christmas Day Two: Thrift Shop Cards

If making your own cards is too time-consuming or complicated for you, then there’s nothing easier than purchasing cards. But instead of buying expensive brand-name cards or even cheap dollar store cards, why not check out cards at your local thrift shop?

i like the surprise of buying a variety pack at a thrift shop and seeing what i get

I have a friend who does this each year with her kids. They get a bunch of cards from a thrift shop – usually all different – then she lays them out on her couch and the kids get to choose who gets which card. I’m always curious to see what they’ll choose for our family.

buying thrift cards doesn't mean they're used, these are all new, with nothing written inside them. it just means someone didn't want them.

Thrift shops have some beautiful cards, sometimes packaged as variety pack, or if you’re lucky, you might find a package where all the cards are the same. At 10 cards for $1 (as is the case at most MCC Thrift Shops) you can’t go wrong because not only do you get lovely, unused cards, but your $1 is helping out a charity. Now that’s a thrift-hearted idea.

Do you have other Christmas card ideas? How do you feel about sending or receiving e-cards at Christmas?

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3 Responses to The 12 Days of Thrift Hearted Christmas Day Two: Thrift Shop Cards

  1. Megan says:

    Yes! Thrift stores always have a ton of cards, and even when they’re used, they can oftentimes be rehabed a tiny bit to be turned into something new!

    • angelika says:

      indeed! (i love the word “rehabbed” !) i’ve bought used cards and recycled them into new ones or simply used them for other creative projects. you can usually get 10 cards for $1, so it’s a good deal no matter what you use them for!

  2. Marie Dyck says:

    When our children were young, I would use last year’s cards that we received, having cut off the side with the wording, and keeping only the fronts. Then, I would use some cardstock and they would cut out words or nice pics from all the fronts of cards & glue them onto the cardstock to make new cards. These were for their teachers, bus drivers & Sunday School teachers. Gave them something to do and taught them to take time for others.

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