Twelve Days of Thrift-hearted Christmas – Day 4: Recycled Wrapping Paper

I have really great wrapping paper delivered to my door step 6 days a week. It’s called the Vancouver Sun.  Newspaper makes fantastic wrapping paper because of its size – especially if you read a broad sheet like we do.

this one, for my son, is wrapped using the movie section pages.

You can either choose pages that have colour photos on them – like this package, which is from the movie review section, for my son – or you can choose colour comic pages, which have lots of colour to them. Even straight black and white type can be interesting if you fold it creatively or if you use coloured ribbon to accent it.  The beautiful thing about using newspaper as wrapping paper is that it’s completely recyclable, which some of the glossy, store bought wrapping paper is not.

colour comics are great too because of the obvious colour, but it's kinda fun to read the wrapping paper before you open it!

Last year, when I was a sponsor for our youth group at church, we had a Christmas party and gave inexpensive gifts to each other. Some of the best wrapping I saw was using an old vinyl record sleeve as a package and the girl who won the prize for “best wrapped gift” used live greenery to decorate her brown-paper wrapped box.

What are some other thrift-hearted ideas for gift wrap?

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13 Responses to Twelve Days of Thrift-hearted Christmas – Day 4: Recycled Wrapping Paper

  1. Lady Demelza says:

    Being a crafty girl and textile artist, I have an enormous stash of (almost all thrifted) fabric scraps, which I like to use for wrapping gifts. I even make the bow to tie it up by cutting a strip of fabric.
    I also love using old calendar pages for wrapping smaller items – great colours and the shininess of gift paper.

  2. Waltrude Gortzen says:

    Tea towels are also great for wrapping a gift — not to mention that it adds an extra usable item to the gift!

  3. Marlene says:

    i am not a big fan of the newspaper wrapping thing, just a personal preference. But as a true menno at heart i have saved and reused paper from previous gifts – or cut and pasted a snowman or flower from an old piece of wrapping paper to some white or kraft paper.
    if you buy flowers they are often wrapped in a pretty paper or even a nice white paper
    which you can save and reuse.
    small items look good in paper lunch bags, you can punch holes at the top and add ribbon or greenery, stamps stickers etc. that may not be recycled but they are fairly inexpensive.
    i’ve used tea towels too, like waltrude’s idea, and have also wrapped gloves in a scarf to skip the wrapping paper all together.
    once i got a gift in an oil-cloth bag – i absolutely loved that – the gift was great and the bag i’ve used for years for my work lunch.

    • great ideas! i know others aren’t fans of newsprint because they don’t like the ink on their hands. (i just have a thing for newsprint, so that doesn’t bother me) i also save my flower paper and re-use gift wrap from others- in fact, our family has a funny story about that: my mom saved all my wedding gift wrap AND IRONED IT so that i could reuse it. isn’t that hilarious?

  4. Darcie Brown says:

    I’m planning on making some cool gift tags out of vintage books and record covers. I’m in to wrapping in kraft paper right now which isn’t necessarily recycled but you can recycle it. I also found this a while ago. It’s a website that sells scarves to wrap things in:

  5. Megan says:

    “…[MCC’s very favourite blog!” That’s what just showed up in my Facebook news feed.

    That’s you! SO awesome Angelika!

  6. Waltrude Gortzen says:

    Hmmmm…. about “paper ironing” from wedding gifts…. I did that too and had wrapping paper for years. Did the same from the baby showers that came later.
    Was quite put out when I finally ran out of bigger pieces but do believe I STILL have a few small pieces lurking around in mu paper stash!
    They sure bring back memories when I go looking for paper to wrap something up!! 🙂
    I still have issues with folks just ripping paper that could totally be reused!
    YUP I’m Mennonite! hehehe

  7. Waltrude Gortzen says:


  8. Van says:

    I love the ribbon accent, and using the comics section!

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