12 Days of Thrift-hearted Christmas – Day 5 Giving gifts: it really is the thought that counts!

Back in April, I wrote a blog post about buying and receiving thrifted gifts. I said some good things there, so you should read that again. I’ll wait for you to come back. (Imagine me, whistling a jaunty Christmas tune, while you read the previous blog and then come back here.)

Not a bad post, right? I always find it amazing that people don’t automatically agree that thrifted gifts are a good thing. The initial reaction that people have about buying gifts at a thrift shop is that by doing so you’re a Scrooge, that your gift communicates that you don’t really care. As if the price of the gift is directly proportional to your level of caring.

dancing santas that my mom gave me a couple of years ago, purchased at a thrift shop

I couldn’t disagree with this more. If we truly believe that it’s the thought that counts, why does it matter if we purchase an item at a thrift shop or at a retail store? In fact, since your thrift shop purchase also supports charity, your gift actually communicates a deeper thoughtfulness than one simply purchased at a retail outlet. What truly matters is whether or not the person receiving the gift will value and appreciate it; it should communicate your love and care for that person.

collectible santa that i got from my niece, also thrifted, isn't he fabulous?

Then there’s the thorny issue of re-gifting. It doesn’t happen to me very often, but every once in a while I’ll receive a gift that I really won’t use – even if it’s something super nice, like this Body Shop gift pack that someone gave me earlier this year. I love Body Shop stuff and use it all the time – but really, I wouldn’t use all the items in this gift box so it makes more sense to give it to someone who would. So if I give this lovely gift pack to someone who loves Body Shop stuff – does it mean I love that person less because I didn’t pay for it? And does it mean that I don’t appreciate the fact that someone gifted it to me in the first place? Not at all! The fact that someone took the time to choose a gift for me is what really matters to me; I appreciate that thoughtfulness above the actual gift itself.

mmm cranberry

Thrifted gifts and re-gifting are truly thoughtful ways to express your love and appreciation for people in your life. They are economical, they respect the environment and they reduce the amount of stuff being produced. No matter what the source of your gift, all your giving should be a thoughtful reflection of your love and affection for the person to whom you are giving the gift. Because after all, it’s the thought that counts.

What are you thoughts on thrifted gifts or re-gifting?

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11 Responses to 12 Days of Thrift-hearted Christmas – Day 5 Giving gifts: it really is the thought that counts!

  1. Tammy says:

    I only have one friend (other than my Mom who I also count as a friend) who gets the idea that used goods are 100% as good (or financially better) than used. Too bad, so many people could benefit from it if they could just get over the idea that everything has to be new.

    I have no problem with regifting – people can be so wasteful sometimes. Why not pass it on to someome who would love it?

  2. Lady Demelza says:

    thanks for bringing this up. the wastefulness is probably the one thing that i hate the most about christmas.
    whenever i’m op-shopping, if i find something that just seems to be perfect for a certain person, i’ll grab it for them. people really love the stuff i find for them and think it’s amazing i can find such great stuff in op shops. hence, i’m known for being an excellent present-finder and -giver. thinking about it now, i reckon i would go so far as to say that if a person was really that hung up on how much the gift cost, they would not be the sort of person i would be giving any presents to.

  3. sonja everson says:

    You could have re-gifted that Body Shop gift box to me and I wouldn’t have had any problem with it at all! I love gifts that have thought and love put into them. Whether their homemade, from a thrift shop, consignment or retail store doesn’t make a difference. But please, don’t give me a gift card.

    • angelika says:

      ah, interesting! i actually like gift cards – depending on where they’re from (like starbucks, for instance) and i know aaron loves to get gift cards from electronics or music stores, because that way he can choose what he wants – and i don’t run the risk of buying him something he really doesn’t want!

  4. LOVE giving thrifted gifts. our family puts that theme to our gift giving sometimes…but then again we ALL shop at thrift stores so it’s nothing too far fetched. if you can find something perfect for someone AND it happen to have been used before, who cares? it’s perfect for that person…AND you probably spent less. double score.

  5. We are doing stockings with a thrifted theme this year. Every person buys a small gift for each stocking hung except their own (and suddenly I think I may change this rule…I love that little teapot I got this week) and so if there is ten people there for Christmas your stocking will be bulging with 9 thrifted items selected with you in mind. I have also re-gifted and thrifted regular presents these past few years. So yes, yes a thousand times yes to both questions!

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