Good things come to those who wait

Last June, I blogged about thrift shopping adventures in Victoria BC where, in a Salvation Army Thrift Store, I passed up on a Kate Spade purse because they were asking $20 for it. It just felt like too much money to pay in a thrift store for a used purse, even if it was a Kate Spade purse. I got tons of feedback on that, both on the blog and in person, from folks who couldn’t believe that I had passed that up. I almost had regret.


Kate Spade is a New York designers. Her bags sell for lots of money.

Fast forward to December and a little visit to the MCC Clothing Etc. Thrift Shop in Abbotsford and what did I find? A Kate Spade purse in beautiful condition. It is very similar to the one I saw in Victoria, only a little bit bigger. It has two teeny spots on the front, the inside is pristine.

you can see the little spots here. any suggetions for cleaning it? it feels like a nylon-type fabric

the back

the inside is spotless, as if it's never been used.

And what did I pay for this beauty? As you can see from the tag in the first picture: $5. Totally worth the wait. The only question now is, should I keep it or resell it? What would you do?

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15 Responses to Good things come to those who wait

  1. Van says:

    Great score! I’d personally resell it…’cause I have enough bags 😉 Sorry, but I’m not sure how to remove the spots. I always start with warm water and work at it that way…

  2. Cheapchick says:

    Score!! I would just try a damp cloth first – maybe a little spray n wash on a damp cloth? Great find.

  3. sonja everson says:

    I’ll need to apologize before I even start. Sorry, but I’m seriously wondering about some of the pricing at the local Value Village these days. I found a pair of John Fluevog shoes on the rack (not in the showcase) listed for $79.99! That in fact is more than the new pair that I tried on Boxing Day! That wasn’t actually what I was looking for though…I need some ski wear for the kids. They’ve outgrown theirs and we’re heading up to Whistler in a couple of weeks (aka…SCRAMBLE SHOP!). I found a great jacket for Jacob ($18!!!) and ski pants for Emma ($14!!). It was more than I was hoping to pay for but I’m on a time crunch. It still seems pretty outrageous pricing though. I know I saved money compared to my retail option, but seriously??? I think I might have to start making some trips to the Valley for better deals.

    • angelika says:

      okay, first of all i want to know where you tried on fluevogs for less than $80. it is my fervent dream to find a pair of fluevogs in a thrift shop but i agree with you that i would NEVER pay $80 for a pair of shoes in a thrift shop – unless, MAYBE, it was MCC or the Sally Ann or a Goodwill or some shop where i know volunteers are at work and more of the money will benefit the charity. but that’s the deal at VV – your money is helping to pay the salaries of the folks working there and so you’re going to pay a premium on used stuff no matter what. glad you found some stuff for the kids, have a great time a whistler!

  4. What a bargain, it is a tough decision you need to make there!

  5. Liane says:

    Way to go, Angelica!!!! I am proud of you, ha!! If it were me, well…I would keep it if I knew that I would use it. Otherwise, sell it. How funny is that…….

  6. Nicki says:

    Our family decided to go tubing up at Mt Washington over the holidays, but since we live in Victoria, we don’t own snow gear. Your blog ispired me to head to Value Village! Outfitted both my husband and I in jackets and snow pants for under $30!

  7. i totally relate to this post. i always have a price in my head i’m really not willing to go over, and i’ll wait a long time till i can find it for the price i want. also, i have definitely noticed that prices are going up and i feel quite frustrated about it! i found a cute love seat at Goodwill the other day but the fabric was all ripped and the stuffing was spilling out everywhere. it was $70!

    • angelika says:

      that’s crazy! i’ve also gotten the feeling that prices are going up, so it’s a relief when you find thrift shops that are still selling goods at thrifty prices.

  8. SixBalloons says:

    Wonderful update! So glad that it came back to you somehow, and what a deal. I was thinking maybe liquid laundry detergent with a wet rag might work – maybe it’s just ink? What fabulous condition.

  9. Dawn says:

    This purse is NOT kate spade. It’s a counterfeit. kate spade never made a striped collection in blue. Counterfeiters love to stick fake ks labels on random bags that don’t resemble anything kate spade has done. They don’t even try to copy her stuff. Also, that zipper pull isn’t one that kate spade ever used. I imagine it was $5 because they knew it was counterfeit. However, they must have not realized that it’s illegal to sell counterfeit goods. At least you only spent 5 bucks on it!

    • Hi Dawn! – Thanks for bringing this to my attention. So my first reaction is “darn”! But i’d really love to learn more about how one finds out if something is authentic or not. I found similar looking purses on Kate’s website but not this exact one. She doesn’t keep a record of every single design on her website, so i wondered if this was just an older one. So how do you do your research on stuff like this? I’d welcome your wisdom on that!

      In the meantime, i’m sure the lovely ladies at the MCC shop didn’t know it was a knock-off – or even who Kate Spade is. What i DO wonder is if the pricers at the Salvation Army in Victoria, who had their Kate Spade (very similar to this one) purse priced at $20. I’d be super bummed out if i’d paid that much to discover it’s a fake.

  10. Dawn says:

    (Originally sent to your email, but I didn’t want your readers to think I was being bitchy! lol!)

    Hi there! I used to work for kate spade, and I now authenticate her purses for several online and local consignment shops. I can spot a fake kate a mile away!
    There are some hard and fast rules… for instance, gold/black metal tags only showed up on one collection– the Palm Beach Linen. Her current metal tags are mostly all gold and bolted on with gold grommets.
    Also, there has only been ONE collection with a thin, leather bow… the Hatteras of 2001. (See it at If you see ANY bag that doesn’t look like the Hatteras and has that bow, it’s a fake.
    Another rule, there’s never been any stripe with a detachable strap. And her striped collections have been very specific. See them at (This site deals specifically with her older bags.)
    See label info at
    Also, remember that kate spade purses are made with the highest quality materials– no “faux” leather or suede…
    AND… there’s NEVER been any kate spade stripe with gingham interior. Only two kates have that interior– a two-tone true canvas and a wicker basket!
    See to authenticate her bags! If you ever want a ks authenticated, just send me some pics! I’d be glad to do it for you!
    Hope this helps!

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