Richmond Thrifting – part one

Our room at the Westin Airport Hotel. Very nice!

Every once in a while my hubby attends board meetings that require him to spend a night in a fancy hotel. Naturally, I tag along! (Thankfully, my job is such that I can do it from almost anywhere.) I only had to work half a day, so I spent Thursday afternoon, plotting thrift shops along 3 Road in Richmond, BC. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I hit four shops in four hours. I’ll share about 2 of them this week and 2 next week.

Richmond Family Place

This little thrift store is connected to Richmond Family Place, which is a resource to families in Richmond providing a play drop-in, parenting programs, children’s programs, family support, resources and referrals. Their thrift store provides clothing for free to families staying at Nova Transition House and to other families referred to them by partner agencies. The public can shop here too and there are great deals to be had with daily specials – on Thursday it was Fill a bag with Adult Clothes for $5 (Children’s clothes $3.)

It’s not a big place but it was clean and volunteers were friendly and obviously knew their clientele very well, judging from the happy banter I overheard while shopping.

I know I've been successful when John immediately wears something I've purchased, which was the case with this great sweater.

I didn’t find enough clothing to fill a bag, but I found this Haggar sweater for John for just $5 and two brand new Michael’s photo frames for just $1.50 each.

were they given away because the paper descriptors insdie were upside-down?

Richmond Animal Protection Society

 RAPS operates two shelters: a Cat Sanctuary, that houses up to 200 cats and a City Shelter that takes in lost, abandoned or surrendered animals of all kinds and adopts them out. The Cat Sanctuary is sometimes referred to as a Cat Club-Med – not a moniker I’d use for their thrift store!

this is what i call a "classic" thrift shop: choc-a-bloc full of stuff that requires you to have time and patience. great for the true treasure-hunter!

The shop is tiny and unbelievably crowded. They take anything: clothing, shoes, furniture, household items, you name it – it’s crammed in there. Most of their clothing is in pretty good shape but some of it isn’t clean or is stained. Nothing is priced, so it’s a bit of an adventure taking your things to the till. You have to be a good judge of whether or not something will fit you since there are no fitting rooms. The happy news is, it’s CHEAP. I found an Urban Behaviour sweater, with sleeves that are way too long (story of my life), but otherwise in excellent shape and was only charged 50 cents. At that price, you can take a chance on something and redonate it if it doesn’t fit.

Next week, I’ll tell you about two other thrift shops and the treasures I found there. If you’re from Richmond ,BC what’s your favourite thrift shop?

I’m linking up with Apron Thrift Girl – check out what she found at California Estate Sales this weekend.

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9 Responses to Richmond Thrifting – part one

  1. cute! i’ve struggled to thrift things my boyfriend will wear haha. but i ADORE apron thrift girl…she’s amazing.

  2. Cyndy B says:

    So….with the amount of stuff you constantly buy, you must re-donate at a fast pace, as well. So where do you usually leave things…I’ll go there and check it out! 🙂

  3. angelika says:

    LOL. i do indeed. I tend to donate to the MCC Abby East thrift shop simply because it’s most convenient: i volunteer there every thursday afternoon. sometimes i’ll donate to the MCC Plaza in Abbotsford too, especially if i’ve got a car full and need to empty it out. I also buy things as gifts for others, so stuff goes into my gift stash. and one of the things i really want to explore this year is reselling, so eventually some of my finds will hopefully make money for me!

  4. These two shops look like something I would love! great finds at both, I’d say.

  5. So glad you found stuff. It’s always fun to discover new places and thrift up some souvenirs in the process!

  6. Van says:

    Those are some BEAUTIFUL looking Thrift Store. Oye, my thrift withdrawal is re-activated. May need to get to some Thrift Stores for some shopping tomorrow. Stat!

    • angelika says:

      Van, i couldn’t believe it when you said you only had like $7 left in your thrift budget. Hopefully you can stretch that out for a couple more weeks!

  7. Gayle Olson says:

    My favorites are the SOS Children’s Village, Steveston General Store and Richmond Hospital Thrift Shop in Steveston. Also in the area is the Kids Supply Clothing Store – consignment for the kiddies where I shop for my nine grandchildren.

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