Richmond Thrifting Part Two

Last week I told you about two of four thrift shops I visited a couple of weeks ago while staying in Richmond  BC. Today, I’ll share the treasures I found at two more.

Soccer jersey found at Value Village

Value Village

The VV in Richmond is located right next to the Richmond Animal Protection Society’s quirky little, classic thrift shop. I didn’t bother taking a photo of it because if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all (if you really want a photo, visit this blog post where I took one of the VV in Ottawa. For those of you in America, Value Village is the Canadian brand for Savers.)

I’ve visited this VV once before and had the same experience: it feels a little dumpy for a Value Village. As much as we love to criticize VV for its higher prices, one of the things you can usually count on (aside from huge selection) is cleanliness and tidiness, which I attribute to the advantage of having a paid staff. The one time you see this breakdown is at Hallowe’en, when an army of staff couldn’t keep up with the chaos that ensues at most VV outlets. This one just feels dingy; the floors weren’t swept, the racks had fallen clothes underneath them, the shoe area was really messy, that kind of thing. Generally, I don’t mind this in a thrift shop but because you’re used to a certain standard at VV, it’s surprising. What I did notice and appreciate was the ethnic diversity in the staff. I counted 5 different countries represented just in the cashiers: India, Philippines, China, Russia (I think, the accent was Russian sounding) and Canada. It was a picture of Canada, really.

has anyone read this? i bought it because it won a Giller but i haven't read it. would love your review if you have!

I tried on a whole bunch of things while I was here but only came away with three things: a pair of brand new Reitmans cords and a book for myself and a soccer jersey for Aaron, who is on the search for things with Whitecaps logos.

vintage Whitecaps logo. this is an attempt to see if my son reads my blog...

I tried on a really great wool coat but they wanted $40 for it and I’ll say it again: I will not pay that much for an item in a thrift shop.  (will blog about this more in the future.)

SPCA Thrift Mart

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has thrift shops all over BC; this one is on Minoru Blvd. What I didn’t realize about the SPCA is that their mission is to care for domestic, farm and wild animals – here in BC, they operate the province’s second largest wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Their thrift store supports all of SPCA’s work and visiting here was an interesting experience. It’s basically a dark, unheated warehouse. What’s unusual is that it has less clothing than other things: lots of furniture, appliances, tons of tools and sports equipment, electronics, household goods and knick-knacks galore. Nothing has a price tag on it, so it’s a bit of an adventure when you head to the till. I tried on a few things but the one fitting room, with a door that didn’t close properly and didn’t have a proper lock on it, was so cold that I didn’t spend a lot of time there! I picked up a pair of yoga pants for $3.

How much does the charity that a thrift shop supports influence your patronage?

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2 Responses to Richmond Thrifting Part Two

  1. Mary Derksen says:

    Hi, Angelica! Yes, thrift shops and even more fun, garage sales. My Christmas
    shopping begins right after Christmas at sales. Minor. Major shopping happens
    at garage sales throughout the year. The best ones are by big churches, schools and organizations, such as Hospice (where I’m a volunteer). I’ve found best sellers in mint
    condition for $1. Besides regular gifts, everyone in our family (38) received a book
    for Christmas. So when Christmas is near, people ask, finished your shopping, I can
    truthfully say “Oh, yes!” I found an ice-shaving machine at our local MCC for $1. No one
    knew what it was for! I had such fun at a family gathering shaving ice and pouring a
    flavored syrup on it! Enough. Happy shopping!

  2. SixBalloons says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventures to Richmond with us. I just got back from the Island and made some notes of the thrifts that I visited, and will likely post about my finds in the coming week!

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