So many books, so little time

I am an avid reader. I always have a book on the go. Most of the time, I get books from the library – because you can’t get much thriftier than FREE – and if I love a book so much that I know I’m going to read it again and again (which I do) I’ll buy it used.

I had just such an experience recently with the book The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi, a Nigerian writer who weaves a wonderfully eerie tale about a young girl living in London who has a Nigerian mother and English father. The story deals with what you start off thinking are mental health issues until you discover the Nigerian mythology about twins and dead twins and haunting and other worlds… I read the whole thing in three days, couldn’t put it down. So I’ve been looking for it at used book stores and thrift shops in Abbotsford and Vancouver but with no success so far. In the meantime, I picked up this stack at Value Village the other day.

I have an Agatha Christie collection; I own nearly all of her 90+ books, all of which I bought used. I read these in between “real” books because they are wonderful, mindless fun. So finding this Agatha Christie Companion was a real treat.

Anne Rice – yes, the vampire lady – has an interesting story. She grew up Catholic, left the church in her young adult days, got rich and famous writing vampire literature, came back to the church and decided to dedicate the rest of her life writing the life of Christ as a novel. I read her first one several  years ago – Christ the Lord – Out of Egypt – and really enjoyed it, then tried to find the second one (it’s supposed to be a trilogy.) I have had no success until this week, when I found Christ the Lord – The Road to Cana. I had heard somewhere that she was again disillusioned with the church but a quick tour of her website seems to indicate that she’s still firmly dedicated to this writing.

 The Book Thief was recommended to me by a few people on Facebook, so I’m looking forward to that one. Might save it for the beach this summer.

I got Elizabeth Hay’s Late Nights on Air for Christmas and loved it. She is a brilliant writer of character. I’ve heard good things about Alone in the Classroom, so am looking forward that one too.

And Ian Rankin… what can I say? I fell in love with Ian’s mysteries in the lead up to our Scotland trip and John and I have been voraciously reading him ever since. It’s so much better now, because we can visualize all the places, buildings, streets he talks about. He was actually in Vancouver for the Readers and Writers Festival but I never got a chance to see him… guess I’ll have to go back to Scotland, eh? In the meantime, I’ll read Set in Darkness and just dream about it.

What’s your best source for used books? And what’s your favourite book?

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17 Responses to So many books, so little time

  1. Cindyloo says:

    My favourite books these days are the Enola Holmes mysteries by Nancy Springer. Enola is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes who, after her mother mysteriously vanishes, must fend for herself and solve a variety of mysteries that come her way, all the while hiding from her brothers who have promised to send her to a boarding school where she will be taught how to be a proper lady. Enola is a brilliant character, the stories are fast-paced and wonderfully written. I’m half way through the series and slowing down so I don’t use up all this guaranteed good story time too quickly. The books are for for young teens and anyone else who loves a great read.

    • angelika says:

      whoa, that sounds brilliant – will definitely have to check that out!

      • Cindyloo says:

        You’ll be glad you did. The other good read this week was Caroline Adderson’s The Sky is Falling. It’s set in Vancouver, much of it in the UBC area. Adderson writes beautifully. I plan to check out more of her stuff.

  2. Lady Demelza says:

    ME TOO! the post title and the first paragraph here could have been written just for me. i love libraries as much as i love op shops, which is, of course, rather a lot.
    it’s so special when i stumble across a book that i’m quite sure i never would have found anywhere else if i hadn’t been in that particular oppy at that particular time. Such as the Obernewtyn series by Isobelle Carmody, ‘the women’s decameron’ by julia voznesenskaya, ‘moulin rouge’ by pierre la mure, ‘color blind’ by margaret halsey pub. 1946. my most recent discovery was ‘the night circus’ by erin morgenstern, which i picked up because it came with a glowing review by audrey niffenegger, and i just love her work. so tantalising, waiting for its turn in the long line of Books To Be Read.
    i looked up the icarus girl in my local library catalogue and it mentioned ‘a heroine in the vein of mark haddock’s christopher.’ wow. now i’ll have to read it. i just loved ‘the curious incident’ so much, i cried a lot of the way through it. and so the Line grows ever longer. i’ve long ago given up on the thought that i could ever catch up.

    • angelika says:

      love all the recommendations here!! my hubby is just reading “the night circus” so i’ll have to read that next. i’m actually right in the middle of Under the Mound, by Cynthia Heinrichs, who is the cindyloo commenting above! it takes place in Scotland, so naturally, i’m loving it.

  3. Cheapchick says:

    I love mysteries and have read several Ian Rankins – love him. I usually buy my books at Goodwill as they separate fiction from nonfiction and even alphabetize them like a used book store! $2.50 for softcover. A bit pricey but I then pass them on to my Mom who reads them then resells them at a flea market she sells at. I also buy them at garage sales in summer time. If I had more time I would use the library but since it sometimes takes me a month or two to finish the book I like to buy them. I only allow myself to buy a couple per month though. Mom also picks them up and ships them my way. Good thing we read similar things.

  4. Benita says:

    Well considering we’re related, it’s sad to say that I don’t read much, but I do like to get magazines at the thrifts. Especially Garden Magazines, they’re so expensive in the stores and only 50 cents at MCC!

  5. I buy books all the time at the thrift store. Such a great deal and then I don’t have to worry about overdue fees. My mother is a HUGE library fan. Your book sounds so captivating. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Joy P says:

    Hi – I just read backwards in your posts. You know your thrift stores well. Nice to read about Lower Mainland thrifting. Thanks for sharing.

    • angelika says:

      thanks Joy! i’m enjoying your blog too – i found you via apron thrift girl. it’s so great that she creates this opportunity for us all to share and find each other. that pie safe you found is unbelievable!

  7. Beverly says:

    OMG! you have Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord – The Road to Cana! i have been looking for that for the longest time 🙂 i’ve read the first one, “Out of Egypt” (found it in the thrift too) and now been on the lookout for the next one 🙂 love your book collection! xxBeverly from The Rock for Beginners

  8. Beverly says:

    YYYESSSS!!!!!! well, er, only if its okay with you 🙂 sorry for the late reply 😦

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