If at first you don’t succeed…

Someone recently said to me, you must spend a lot of time in thrift shops in order to be able to blog as often as you do about things you find. The answer to that seems obvious – yes.

here's the full view of my camel pea coat that i showed in my last post. i've been looking for a camel coat for 2 winters

I’m in a thrift shop once a week for sure, because I volunteer, although I don’t always have time to shop when I’m there since I’m busy working.

this funky shirt/dress/vest looks great with a pair of tights and boots.

But thrift shopping is also a favourite past-time, so I’ll pop in at a different thrift shop on my way home from work or spend an hour or two on a day off trawling through shops.

spain soccer scarf, beautiful condition, wool

look at the detail, isn't it gorgeous? except my son isn't a spain fan... so if you're interested in buying this, email me

Whenever I can, I visit thrift shops when I’m travelling because it’s so interesting to see what kinds of things are donated in different parts of the province, country, world. It’s also interesting to me to learn about the different charities that are supported by each thrift shop I visit.

mexico soccer jersey. this was one of those "mom, if you can find anything mexico before the women's olympic soccer qualifying match between USA and Mexico, that would be awesome" went to value village, found one. now who's the world's best mom?

When people tell me they never find anything at thrift shops, I tell them that’s likely because they don’t spend enough time at it. I think that we almost need to rename it ‘thrift treasure hunting’ because that’s really what it is. “Shopping” implies that you’re going out to get what you want but that doesn’t always happen when you thrift shop and you can’t go thrift shopping with that attitude. Thrifting requires a paradigm shift – you don’t go to get what you want, you go to see what you will find and that means that sometimes you won’t find anything at all.

found this tiny gem. the queen celebrates 60 years on the throne this year. if you're a royal collector, i'm willing to sell this, just email me

But other times… well, that’s the thrill isn’t it? Other times you find treasures!

What’s been your thrifting experience? Found any treasures lately?

I’m hooking up with Apron Thrift Girl, who always does a Thrift Share Monday – check that out to see what other treasure hunters have found.

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10 Responses to If at first you don’t succeed…

  1. Lady Demelza says:

    Again, ditto! I do spend a lot of time ‘on the hunt.’ It’s an addiction. Fortunately, it’s one with very few unpleasant side effects. I have started a blog recently and I have two posts so far devoted to op shop treasures. both posts are called ‘this week at the op shops’ and the address is http://www.themaroondiaries.blogspot.com
    hmm, i guess it’s time for me to start looking into these linky things for ‘hooking up with.’

  2. I totally agree. The hunt is the best part. Although the treasures make it that much sweeter.

  3. Paulette says:

    I visit my favorite thrift shops once a week and I very rarely leave the store without purchasing something. Just like you I love thrift shopping.

  4. Jill says:

    I agree you have to go often which I can’t get to thrift stores often at all so I’m usually disappointed. I do much better at auctions and garage sales.

    • angelika says:

      i would think that the same principle applies to garage sales and auctions – that you have to frequent them to be successful. what kind of auctions do you attend?

  5. Either you get thrifting or you don’t – I love it. I try at least once a week. It is my “me” time. I always get out of there with less spent than on a fancy coffee at Starbucks. Yes, I buy most of my clothing thrifted, and yes, it does take time to find things – but it is the thrill of the hunt. I can’t stand regular retail shopping anymore.

    • angelika says:

      i feel exactly the same way. it’s very rare that i go into retail shops anymore and when i do it has to be for a good reason (they sell fair trade, envirnomentally-friendly products like body shop, for instance, or they’re having an AMAZING sale)

  6. rae says:

    yes, whenever people tell me “you always find the best stuff, i dont ever find ANYTHING” i have to tell them they aren’t looking hard enough! i walk out without buying one single thing all the time. that is what is so fun about thrifting, you can go every day and see different stuff!

  7. Debbie says:

    AHHHH! love your thrift finds-what is your email-I hope the Espana scarf is still available-Please let me know-Thank you for sharing-you have a GOOD EYE!

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