Adventures in Burnaby Thrifting – Part Two

Last week I found a fabulous, brand new thrift shop that impressed me so much I wanted to dedicate a blog to it. I think you’ll agree it’s a gem.

The Journey Home Thrift Shop – 7337 Edmonds Street, Burnaby

This lovely shop is a project of the Journey Home Community Association. Their mission statement says that they are a “community of friends who share the love of Jesus Christ with a focus on serving refugee claimant families in Metro Vancouver.” It is this sense of community that struck me immediately as I walked around their shop and listened to conversations between volunteers and customers.

The other thing that struck me is how gorgeous this shop is. Other thrift shops should visit here and take notes. Whoever is in charge of displaying merchandise obviously knows what they are doing. The clothing is all hung on wooden hangers, by type, size and colour and with enough space between items that you can actually look at what’s on the rack. Shoes are displayed in an attractive wooden cubicle-type cabinet. Household items, knickknacks, records, etc. are displayed throughout the shop on gorgeous dressers, tables, cabinets and bookshelves – you really feel more like you’re walking around someone’s house rather than through a shop. The shop used to be a bank, so the books are in the vault and are well organized by category and alphabetical by author’s name. It’s not really until you get to the very back of the shop where there is a little aisle with odds and ends more loosely displayed that you actually feel like you’re looking at second-hand wares.

The quality of their donations also makes this a great place to shop. When I started going through the clothing I thought I would be looking at consignment store prices but the best surprise was that I was looking at quality brand clothing at pricing that was very reasonable. I picked up this terrific JJill top for $5 and a pair of sterling silver, hoop earrings for $6. I almost bought a little table but wasn’t quite sure if it’ll fit in with my living room décor, so I let it go this time around.

This is a fantastic shop that deserves your visit and support. They are looking for donations and volunteers. Check out their equally fabulous website for more photos and information.

What’s your criteria for a fabulous thrift shop?


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3 Responses to Adventures in Burnaby Thrifting – Part Two

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  2. Nice to encounter a fellow Canadian, although I’m too far away to visit this thrift shop 😦 It does indeed look like it is well arranged. I love it when they make the shopping easier.

  3. Joy P says:

    A visit there is a doable. Hope to make it over in the next week or so. Thanks for the heads up.

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