Adventures in Burnaby Thrifting Part 3!

So last week when I did a thrift shop marathon in Burnaby, another shop was recommended to me by the folks at the Journey Home Thrift Shop.  I travelled there but, alas, it was closed by the time I arrived. Don’t you hate that? It bugged me all week.

So this week, when I had to pick up my son again, I made a point of leaving early enough to hit this one on my way. I also took along some of my favourite thrifting companions: my mom, my sister and her youngest daughter. We all scored something.

The Orphan Aid Thrift Store – 7889 Edmonds Street

The Orphan Aid Thrift Store supports orphans in Zambia through an organization called Seeds of Hope, a children’s ministry which operates the Buseko Children’s Home and the Grace Academy Boarding School for children affected by HIV/AIDS. The Orphan Aid Thrift Store is 100% volunteer run, so once the rent and utilities are paid for the store, the rest of the proceeds go directly to support this work.

The store is a classic thrift store – crammed full of great stuff, using up every inch of space available. There’s a small selection of furniture and baby items in the basement, a well organized book section, lots of clothing and household goods. The store is clean, the fitting rooms are large, and the volunteers are cheerful and friendly.

I tried on a couple of things but the only clothing item I found was a bra for $3. (Sorry to those of you for whom that was TMI. Happily, you’ll noticed I restrained myself and did not include a photo.) My happy purchase was a stack of 100 legal sized white envelopes for $2 and a package of cameo-like blank vintage greeting cards – 6 of them for 50cents.  My family all found something so we were all satisfied!

We stopped back at Journey Home Thrift Shop to donate some items and scout a little more stuff. I am happy to report that the impressions I had of the store last week were confirmed this week.

I’m connecting to Apron Thrift Girl, who has a Thrift Share Monday  where thrifters from all over the world share their finds. Check it out.

What did you find in our thrifting adventures this week?

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11 Responses to Adventures in Burnaby Thrifting Part 3!

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Angelika!

    Great to meet you today…and now your blog…thank you for including us in your walk around the lake!

    And..I LOVE thrift shopping!

  2. love those notecards. can’t go wrong with something so pretty as that.

    • they really are lovely aren’t they? Our local theatre just put on The Importance of Being Earnest, so i was in that frame of mind when i bought these. Funny how one thing influences another!

  3. How great that you found another store. I plan to go looking for more soon!

  4. Terri says:

    My thrift purchase this week was a pair of leggings to go with the boots I got for Christmas. I’ve been looking for the perfect pants to wear with them and for $2.99 (!) these are a good start; I’d love a pair of skinny jeans….but haven’t been able to find those at a thrift shop.
    I too love the cards…get job Ang.

    • I actually found some skinny jeans at MCC a couple of weeks ago and was so thrilled – i’ve been looking all winter for exactly that. i found some leggings but sometimes you just want something a little more substantial. $2.99 is a great deal!

  5. We used to have a store like that here in Central Fla called Thrift-Co … It was HUGE. I shopped there for a good 10 years and then one day they closed down, talk about a bummer. The greeting cards you found are really pretty. 🙂

  6. Van says:

    I’ve been enjoying thrifting hopping lately this year, too. Too bad I may have lost my photos from a recent thrift-trip up and down Florida- grr! The cards you found are indeed really pretty 🙂

  7. 2ndSarah says:

    Those cards are sweet, I would probably frame them. I’m enjoying your thrifting posts, it’s fun to see what other stores around the world look like. 🙂

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