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You like me! You really like me!

It is with somewhat mixed emotions that I can announce that I’ve received a Liebster Blog Award. This is best described as a peer award – given by bloggers to bloggers. Its origins are hard to pin down but the assumption is that it was started in Germany, since the name “Liebster” is basically the German word for “favourite.”  The award is given specifically to blogs that have fewer than 200 followers. (I qualify in spades.)

Before I announce my own choices for the Liebster Award, I have to explain my “mixed emotions” comment.  When I first received this award from Reduce Reuse and Rummage (more about this great little blog below) I was thrilled. Then I read the criteria and thought to myself “Hmm, I wonder how many people actually follow my blog” – not ever having paid attention to this. Well, after over a year of blogging, I have 25 followers.

So after swallowing that reality pill, I started thinking about this. I regularly visit several blogs that I don’t officially follow. The reason I hesitate to follow some blogs is because the authors post so often that my gmail account would be inundated. I don’t have time for that. I either have these favourite blogs bookmarked or I just know their addresses off-by-heart and visit them that way. A couple of them I follow on Facebook (that’s a whole other blog topic.) So maybe my blog is the same. Maybe I have legions of people who regularly visit my blog, they simply don’t want to be bothered with email clutter. That’s what I’m going with.

Then I realized I was falling into that stupid numbers trap. I blog because I love writing and I love thrift – and not just thrift shopping, but writing about a thrift ethic that includes peace: peace within, with God, with my fellow humans and with Creation. While I LOVE it when people leave comments here, the honest truth is, I would blog even if no one did.

Having said all that – I am humbled (in every sense of the word) to have been awarded the Liebster by another blogger who thought this blog was worthy of notice. So thank you to my fellow BC blogger at Reduce Reuse and Rummage who, like me, blogs about thrift shopping as well as a thrift ethic that is motivated by a desire to reduce ones impact in the world. Along with photos of her great thrifted finds (check out her posts on sundresses and books ) She also posts about life in rural BC with gorgeous photos of her natural surroundings. There’s a reason why our license plates say “Beautiful BC” on them.

And now, I get to share with you 5 other blogs to whom I am awarding a Liebster! The rules for this award are as follows:

  1. Thank the Liebster Award presenter on your blog – as I just did
  2. Link back to the presenter on your blog – as I just did
  3. Copy and paste your blog award on your blog – see that lovely little award at the top
  4. Present the Liebster Award to 5 other blogs with 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed – see below
  5. Let them know they’ve been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog – which i have done.

So here, in no particular order and after some tough decision making (so many blogs to love!)  are my 5 choices. Drum-roll please:

Vintage Scapes – the thing I noticed right away on this blog is the photography. Their photos are crisp, clean and uncluttered. They know a lot about mid-century modern stuff and seem to find really cool, unusual things when they’re hunting. They also have an Etsy Shop where they sell their very unique finds.

A Living Space – photos also drew me to this blog. They often use old maps as a backdrop for their photographed finds, which I think is pretty cool. These folks live on the East Coast of the USA and are also fans of mid-century modern stuff – a lot of which they sell in their Etsy Shop as well.

Bounty Huntress – this blogger from Texas has a fantastic sense of humour, which you’ll understand as soon as you open her blog and see her header photo. I laughed out loud when I saw this the first time and it still makes me smile every time. Read this blogpost and try not to laugh .

The Gluten Free Novice – This blog is written by my friend Heather. No, I am not a celiac but I have a few friends who are. I have another friend whose brothers describe her gluten and dairy free diet as “happiness free” – which is totally not true. Since I’ve learned to accommodate cooking for folks who have celiac issues, I’ve discovered that gluten free cooking is actually delicious. Heather cooks gluten free simply because she feels better when she eats this way. Her recipes are yummy and I love the way she writes.

Six Balloons – this is just such an interesting title, don’t you think? I love this honest, conversational blog about vintage and thrifting. If you’re a pyrex or tupperware fan, you’ll drool over her thrifted finds.

There you go, faithful followers! I could recommend many more but here’s a start. Visit these folks and show them a little love.

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7 Responses to Sharing the Love

  1. Denise says:

    Well congratulations!! I had to laugh at your ‘numbers’ game….I think I officially have 2 followers on mine 🙂 For the record, I am glad you blog, you always entertain me and you definitely deserve an award!! Thanks for the link to the gluten free blog too, it will come in handy when feeding my girl.

  2. Angela says:

    Wow, thank you! I feel honored considering I haven’t posted hardly at all in the past 6 months or so. Maybe I’ll make a come back and I’ll have you to thank! 🙂 So nice to meet you too. Looking forward to catching up!

  3. Thanks so much! I totally know what you mean about the numbers game. It’s easy to get caught up looking at stats and such, but you’re absolutely right that it’s all about sharing thrifting (and everything else we blog about) and having a good time! Congrats on the award, and thanks for thinking of us — we’ll be doing our own liebster post very soon!

  4. Terri says:

    I am one of the 25….I don’t comment every time, but I read every entry and enjoy it. You are worthy of the award, keep it up.

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