A Special Day for Three Moms

I just recently blogged about my mom, who taught me what it means to be thrifty. She embodies the phrase “get blood from a stone.” It’s interesting, actually, because she really does like fine things and she often says that it’s possible that the good Lord didn’t give her great riches because she’d be inclined to spend it on earrings and shoes. (Revelation: so that’s where I get it from…)

my two favourite moms

I look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with her and my sister because they are two of the best moms I know. And while none of us are rich, there are lots of thrifty ways to let someone know that they are special.

this garden defines ‘serenity’

My sister and I spent the day with mom yesterday at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens in Vancouver’s Chinatown. I was actually surprised at how reasonable the admission price is for these exquisite gardens: $14 for adults, only $11 for mom since she’s a senior. There are other gardens that are cheaper, comparable and way more expensive. Queen Elizabeth Park is free to walk around in and the Bloedel Conservatory is only $5/$3.48 (weird price, eh?) for a walk around the botanical gardens there. Minter Gardens in Chilliwack is comparable in price at $17/$15 and if you want to be extravagant you can visit the Butchart Gardens in Victoria and pay $33 (no senior’s rate) to get in. 

My mom loves gardens and none of us had ever been to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Gardens so that’s where we went. It was worth every penny. Here’s pics to prove it.

If you go, try and time it in order to take the free tour; it really does help put the garden in context. The admission price also includes really good Jasmine Green Tea. We went on Friday because that’s when it worked best but if you go tomorrow, your mom gets in free – an even better deal!

Next week I’ll tell you about another Thrift Shop I just happened to find yesterday in downtown Vancouver. For this week, tell me: how will you treat your mom on Mother’s Day?

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  1. Lovely gardens! Looks like a fun girls’ day out.

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