A few of my favourite things #4: Lulastic and the Hippyshake

Okay, you have to love this blog just for its name, don’ t you?  But more than that, this is a fabulous blog for anyone who loves thrift, crafting, parenting and living simply and intentionally.

This blog comes from Britain and Lulastic (I’m pretty sure that’s not her real name. J ) writes with humour and honesty about being what I’d call a “granola”. I promise you, you will laugh out loud as you read some of her escapades.

She’s exploring alternatives to shampoo. She has raised a “nappy-free” daughter (that’s an interesting post to read, you’ll find the link in the ‘about’ section). She dumpster-dives and has found some fabulous things doing so (search her “anti-swank” blog post for a hilarious story about taking a couch home on the bus.) She has started blogging about thrift-routes in England, so if you’re there or going to go there, you’ve got a ready-made thrift plan available to you.Her post titled The Politics of Thrift is intelligent, well written and thought-provoking.

So that’s what I’m sharing with you today – I encourage you to follow this informative and uplifting blog.

And now I’d like some input from you. Next Wednesday, in my role as Communications Writer for Mennonite Central Committee BC, I have been asked to make a presentation to MCC’s Thrift Shop managers. I will have them captive in a room – what would you like me to tell them? What would you like me to ask them? What encouragement would you give?

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4 Responses to A few of my favourite things #4: Lulastic and the Hippyshake

  1. I would love for you to tell them if an item is donated to keep prices down. Even for charity, price gouging on a used item keeps me at the yard sales instead of thrift shops.

    • gk says:

      Jeannie, I can tell you as a thrift shop manager that we would LOVE to keep our prices as low as possible, but the difference between a yard sale and a store is that we have overhead (lease, staff, heating, store fixtures, etc) whereas a yard sale has very little (or no) overhead costs at all.

  2. Thanks for the great advice, looking forward to checking out an awesome new blog!;-) And CONGRATS on the presentation! I’m a huge advocate for “thrifting for cause”, and knowing I can support an amazing charity while at the same time getting some fun recycled clothes is fabulous! Cheers to the good work!

  3. beverly says:

    thanks for a heads up to this blog… i am constantly looking for thrifting blogs in the UK 🙂

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