When it’s a bust

People often say to me “Well you find things in thrift shops all the time because you’re always there.” While there is truth to that – you’re more likely to find things in a thrift shop if you go often – even die-hards like me have days that are a total bust. Take my recent excursion to Victoria.

an inside mall entrance with no signage outside makes it a little hard to find!

I visited four shops and came out with almost nothing. My first stop was the Community Closet. This little thrift shop is poorly located – it’s inside a dark and hard to find mall on the ground floor of an apartment building. There is no outside signage so the only way I found it was by asking a local. Once inside, I found that it is nicely arranged, even in its small space, with a nice variety of good quality items that are reasonably priced.  Besides the poor location, the building is not air-conditioned so it was a trifle warm inside. My other complaint was that the lighting in the fitting rooms was poor. I tried on several things but nothing that I had to have, so I placed everything back and moved next door to …

Super Chance Household Consignment. This is a large space, quite full, of antiques and collectibles. Tons of artwork. I snooped around the nooks and crannies and came up with this Starbucks cold cup – a cool version that you can pull apart in order to mark it with your favourite drink and your name; the outer cup is Christmassy, but not so much that you wouldn’t use it year-round as I will. It’s really two cups in one and all I have to do is buy the reusable straw that comes with it. It still had the original price tag of $11.75 on it, so I was pretty happy to get this for five bucks.

I revisited the Salvation Army and the Beacon thrift shops, which I blogged about here, but didn’t find anything. Still, Victoria in the sunshine is a really beautiful city. If you go, be sure to have a meal at Swan’s and try their Appleton Brown Ale, its fabulous.

Have you ever had a discouraging thrift experience?

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5 Responses to When it’s a bust

  1. sonja everson says:

    YES, Yes & yes. There are times when I’ve gone searching for something (eg sports equipment for a kid that’s outgrown their own). I’ve hunted through a half dozen of my favourite haunts only to turn up empty handed and frustrated. The major disappointment is having to pay retail price afterwards. Lesson: think ahead and buy a size up when you find the stuff you know you’re going to need.

    • oh, great suggestion! i remember feeling the same way trying to buy things for Aaron when he was small. sadly, i’m still buying things a size up, but for all the wrong reasons. 😛

  2. Absolutely! I find when I go out with a certain item in mind (i.e. a winter coat), I can hit 5 stores and not find a thing I like! However, when I’m out just for the joy of the experience without being on a “hunt” for one particular thing, I find tons of treasures. Go figure:-)

    • i know, right? what’s with that? i guess that’s the nature of the “hunt” as you say. i’m headed to Ottawa today and hope to do a little hunting while i’m there. i bet i’d find a bunch of great winter coats now that it’s 33C there…

  3. I hate it when you plan a god day of thrifting and come up empty. It’s almost as bad as finding too many items that you can’t buy/afford at the time or make room for.

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