More Garage Sale Wisdom from the East

Continuing on with our theme from last week when I went garage-saling in Ottawa, here’s some more Garage Sale wisdom.

For sellers:

Multi home garage sales are the best – I guess this is the Costco application for garage sales:  sheer volume makes it easier for the buyer.  We hit one street that had 7 or 8 sales on it and it simply made it easier to walk from one sale to the next. Mind you, my sister-in-law did move her vehicle a few times since we ended up buying some larger items (my niece bought a glider rocker for $15!) The sales were coordinated by one family on the street who simply invited everyone else on the block to participate. The benefit to this for the seller is the ability to share whatever advertising costs their might be and knowing that a multi-home garage sale will draw people, so you’re more likely to sell stuff.

vintage Ontario tourism pin

Volume helps – even if you’re the only sale on your block, the more stuff you have, the more likely someone is going to stop. My family refer to empty-looking garage sales as “drive by’s” – not worth the effort to stop and get out of your vehicle.

bought this at a sale held by a Jewish family. do you think the text at the top is Hebrew? does anyone out there have a bit more info about this?

Signage helps – even if your sale isn’t advertised in the papers, if you happen to know that there are sales on in your area, you can benefit from that by putting up your own hand-made signs. If you live off of a main road, make sure your signs are on that main road and are large enough to be read while driving by.

great adidas jacket for my soccer fanatic son. fit him perfectly. got this and the gloves below for $2

these small gloves fit me perfectly and are fleece lined – you know, for those 2 days that i might have to shovel snow in january.

For shoppers:

it felt very odd buying religious icons at a garage sale. it felt almost like i was rescuing them from a disrespectful situation. while icons themselves are not necessarily considered holy, they are intended to guide the worshipper in meditation and as such are sacred pieces. icons are not used in my church (Mennonite) but are used in the Russian/Eastern and Greek orthodox practices. i am simply drawn to their beauty and to their symbolism and added these to another icon i purchased in Ukraine on a visit there several years ago.

Plan your route – knowing that we had limited time (only 2 hours) we had someone plan a route for us using the garage sale listings in the paper and google maps. This made it super easy to go from one sale to another in a logical fashion, saving both time and gas.  We did stop at a couple of sales along the way that weren’t publicized, which was just a bonus.

for 25cents i couldn’t resist buying this for aaron’s vinyl collection.

The early bird catches the best deals ( because none of us want to eat worms anyway. ) If you want to get the good stuff you have to be first. That means getting up early; however, it is important as a buyer to be respectful of the seller. If they have advertised a start time, don’t knock on their door before that demanding entrance, especially if they’ve stated “no early birds”. It’s Saturday, after all, maybe they want to sleep in a bit too!

can you imagine actually excercising to vinyl? no jumping around or the record will skip!

What’s your best tip for holding a garage sale?


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  1. sonja everson says:

    Best tip…leave your husband at home. LOL

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