Thrifting during the Lazy Days of Summer

I spent last week in Oliver, BC where we holiday each summer with my side of the family. The significance there is that I am holidaying with folks who are as excited about thrift shopping as I am. While most folks visit the Okanagan to go wine touring (which we do too), my family goes thrift shop touring. We visited the Oliver Hospital Auxiliary thrift shop again and the Osoyoos United Church Thrift shop, both of which I blogged about last year.

what do you think? white, green, or black button? or something totally different?

I wasn’t as successful this year, although I did pick up a pair of shorts and this cool silk bag, for which I am going to find an interesting button to replace the missing clasp.

My son decided to take “blue suede shoes” up a notch and found this blue suede blazer. It actually looks pretty stylin’ when it’s on him ( I may be a little bit biased here, forgive me.) He also got a tie and a pair of soccer shorts.

On the way home, we always stop in Hedley, where they offer a really cool sounding mine tour that I’m going to do some day. Until then, we content ourselves with the yard sale that seems to happen on whatever Sunday we drive through there. (How do they know we’re coming?)

Aaron scored again, picking up the There will be blood DVD…

and the classic Chariots of the Gods – was God an astronaut? This just made me think of Larry Norman’s UFO song, which gives the definitive answer on that.

How have your thrift adventures gone this summer?



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7 Responses to Thrifting during the Lazy Days of Summer

  1. That blue suit jacket is rockin’! I don’t know how you do it, but I never find this much cool stuff when I attempt to thrift.

    • Chris, the only ‘secrets’ to thrift shopping are frequency and attitude. you have to go often because different things come into the store every day – unlike retail which has seasonal things that are the same every time you go in. in terms of attitude, you have to go into a thrift shop with no expectations and the simply see what you’ll find. sometimes you find nothing, sometimes you find all kinds of stuff – which is what makes you keep coming back!

  2. Melanie says:

    Excellent blue-suede blazer – your son has superb taste! I think I’d go with a red button for that fantastic bag… How cool that you go thrift shopping to Oliver. That sounds like waay more fun than sipping beverages all day!

  3. Lady Demelza says:

    Oh, I’m feeling terribly conservative and boring now. I was going to say it should be a black button to tie in the colour of the zip. But you’re right, red or purple would be much more fun.

  4. Black button! Great bag. My mother used to own that Chariots book. Lots of thrifting early in summer but none the last few weeks, starting to get withdrawal symptoms!

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