Ozzy’s Nearly Naked Vacation

meet Ozzy: possibly the cutest kid around

What do you do if you’re traveling and you arrive at your destination only to discover that you forgot all your clothes at home? That’s exactly what happened to Ozzy Wagner. Well, actually, Ozzy didn’t forget his clothes, his parents did. Luckily for him, his folks are thrift-minded people!

Rachel and Daniel Wagner took a trip to beautiful 100 Mile House, BC and when they arrived they realized that each had thought the other had packed the bag with Ozzy’s clothes. Luckily there are thrift shops in 100 Mile. They visited the PinkTree where they managed to pick up a new wardrobe for Ozzy along with a cute crocheted blanket – all for $4. She also picked up a great hat at a consignment shop and Ozzy was ready for some serious vacationing.

You can read all about this fun adventure on her blog – Wrong Sides Together  where you can also see more cute pics of Ozzy. I totally agree with her last statement: if you find yourself clothesless, I definitely recommend finding your nearest thrift shop!


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  1. Sixballoons says:

    That blanket is an amazing find!!

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