Thrifting in Steveston

Last week I had a perfect day. I took a lieu day from work, drove into Richmond with my hubby (who, sadly, had to work… okay so it was a nearly perfect day) and spent the day in Steveston. I walked along the dyke in the glorious sunshine. I ate fish and chips by the water. I sat on a driftwood log and wrote in my journal. And, of course, I checked out their thrift shops!

The Richmond Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop – 3731 Chatham Street, Richmond

This is what I call a “Classic” Thrift Shop: completely volunteer run, a little messy, you need time to dig, super friendly. The funnest thing about the shop is the building – it’s housed in an old church, built pre-1900, and oh my gosh, do you know it when you go in. The floors slope towards the walls so that all the clothing racks along the walls are actually leaning on the walls and you have to really push the clothes uphill in order to see what is on the rack! You have to be quite careful where you walk because the floors are so uneven you tend to stumble – I felt like a bit of a drunkard.

I tried on a bunch of stuff but was not successful in the clothing department. I did score big in the vinyl area though. My son was thrilled to get these:

But what really got him excited was this:

Admit it, you’re all dancin’ now, aren’t you?

And I also picked up this fun fridge magnet for my 70-year-old aunt who just got re-married to a super nice man who will take really good care of her. If you know my family, you’ll understand why she would appreciate the humour in it.

What’s your favourite 80s tune?

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4 Responses to Thrifting in Steveston

  1. Melanie says:

    I don’t think I have a fave ’80s tune… As a devoted thrifted, I like that this shop is in an old church! Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to check this place out next time I’m in Steveston. Glad you a good time – it’s such a pretty town.

  2. sonja everson says:

    Sounds like you had one of those ‘perfect’ days. I love Steveston. There’s a place called Gudrun’s Tasting Room on Moncton which is awesome. Have you been there? I think that thrift shop used to be a bike shop when Mike was young. He used to go there with his dad to buy bike parts for all the thrifted bikes they would repair/rebuild together. And that fridge magnet…totally hit the mark with my mom. Love it!

    • i went by the tasting room but i had already had lunch so went by it. john and i did spend the evening together, seeing a play at the fringe festival and having dinner at st. augustine’s pub on commercial. have you been there? they have, like, a gazillion beers on tap – so good!

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