Trash or Treasure?

Today I’m going to share a few items that I’ve found in the last couple of months that, to me, are treasures. They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” (and wouldn’t Another Man’s Treasure be a great name for a thrift shop?) and this may be where these 3 pieces prove that best.

This gorgeous long-sleeved t-shirt has already become a go-to staple in my wardrobe. It’s the perfect season-transition piece because it’s long sleeved but not heavy. The Indian-inspired print gives it an exotic touch and I just feel beautiful when I’m wearing it. When I love something this much it always makes me wonder why someone parted with it – but there it is: one woman’s trash became my treasure.

This little ceramic vase is going to my sister. I absolutely adore it but the colours don’t work in my home whereas it suits my sister’s place perfectly with its Cape Cod feel. She’s got nautical touches everywhere and I think this will fit in beautifully.

It’s a National Geographic vase as you can see from its base. I tried doing some research online to see what these go for but couldn’t find anything. So maybe it really is a priceless treasure…

And lastly, this t-shirt. My son attends North Vancouver’s Capilano University and the Blues are their soccer team. This week, I was going to a Whitecaps game with him and went to several thrift shops looking for anything Whitecaps that I could wear to the game. I found nothing with the Caps logo on it but when I came across this one, I had to have it. The colours work for the Caps and hey, it’s my son’s school, it’s their soccer team, and I found it in Abbotsford. Definitely treasure. Also, the Whitecaps won over Chivas USA 4-0.

What’s your latest trash-treasure piece?

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13 Responses to Trash or Treasure?

  1. I picked up 2 old metal star wreaths that were visibly worn down and all they need is a little bit of paint for the ‘scary’ halloween wreath decoration that I’d like to make out of it. The other one is going red and I’m saving that for Christmas!

  2. Melanie says:

    Okay, it’s not exactly “trash” to treasure, but it was a 75% off Liz Claiborne 2011 Christmas ornament from Sears and I added some bits to make it into a necklace. I love your finds!

  3. Jody Thompson says:

    My sister sent me a box with 5 handbags! Free handbags and I had a different look all week at work- ha. Cheers!

  4. I love that T-shirt, it IS beautiful and I would so wear it too! And the little vase would look so pretty in my Summer version of the Four Seasons Bathroom in my home! Thanks for the look-see!

  5. That is one sticking cute vase!! I know you sis is going to love it! Your items are all treasures, even the hanger…I love non slip hangers!

    • we have closets full of covered hangers, all made by my ‘Oma” (grand mother) who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. i always told myself i wanted to get her to teach me how to make them and never did. isn’t that a sad story?

  6. This vase is great! Thanks for stopping by my little blog. In Germany there are just a few places where you can thrift. Most common is the Flohmarkt and in big cities we have Sozialkaufhäuser similar to Godwill I guess. “Normal” thrift shops are not common, most only sell very old antiques. And of course there is always ebay and da wanda. Have a nice day!

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