Upcycling: taking Recycling to the Next Level

My tagline says “reuse, refresh, rethink, repeat.” Upcycling, I believe, is a great example of reusing, refreshing and rethinking. Today’s Vancouver Sun has an article titled “Upcycling hits the home show”, all about a number of designers who were challenged to find an item at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore and upcycle it to something else. The challenge also raises funds for Habitat for Humanity, which makes it even cooler.

Some of the projects are quite unique – like Tazim Damji’s clever use of an old police stretcher, which she turned into a carry all with pockets for magazines, pencils and pens, etc. that leans against a wall. I don’t like the way it looks but it’s an awesome example of creative thinking.

I also did NOT like what Maria Killam did to a gorgeous, hardwood end table that looked like it was in great shape. She painted it bright green, which in my opinion, ruined it.

I love the idea of a challenge like this because it forces us to look at items differently (an extension of the “trash to treasure” concept, it you will.)

I nabbed these photos from the Home and Garden Events Facebook page. You can vote for your favourite upcycled piece there or if you’re going to the Vancouver Home and Design Show, you can vote for it in person. They’ll reveal the winner on Sunday.

Tell me which one you like best and stay tuned for my own upcycling challenge…

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18 Responses to Upcycling: taking Recycling to the Next Level

  1. Sixballoons says:

    I am a bit heartbroken by the end table as well. Regarding bread baking i will work on a post soon!!

  2. Melanie says:

    I’m not sure that painting something qualifies as upcycling… It’s, um, painting. I like the original wood of the end table but at least the table was not disassembled. It’s a cool piece.

  3. Ok someone needs to find me the name of the designer of that end table. That is the end table I have been looking for. Funny that you don’t like the paint job. I recently did a blog entry about just this topic – to paint or not to paint furniture.

    • I know, right? i love that piece too and would have loved to have that in my house. it’s so unique. the Vancouver Sun article keeps making references to Kate Spade but i’m unclear as to whether or not they’re refering to the furniture piece or the paint colour.

  4. Jody Thompson says:

    I get a little disappointed when people get paint-happy though I kinda like the bright green. I’ve been doing a lot of furniture upcycling myself with stuff I “found” in the alley. I spent $3 on paint and ended up with a cute end table! Cheers!!

  5. Megan says:

    Unfortunately for you, I love brightly painted furniture! So that kelly green makes me so happy 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on Thrift Shopping Buzz and commented:
    I love the idea of Upcycling things. I found this awesome blog post and felt it was so awesome I just had to share with my own readers. I’m a big believer in “trash to treasure” in furniture– and life in general. You never know when you’ll find that diamond in the rough, right? Cheers everyone and keep me posted if you have any good Upcycling stories! –Jody

  7. Jody Thompson says:

    I reblogged this on http://www.thriftshoppingbuzz.com. It’s a really good post.

  8. lally Young says:

    The strecher gives me the woolies, but I do like the table. I like bright colours but my husband is like you he wishes that they had left it alone. So the jury is out in our house

  9. Denise Friesen says:

    ah , i love green and this table !


  10. Denise Friesen says:

    and your blog 🙂

  11. Haha I think you really have to love green to like the end table but it probably could have looked just as nice in another color or as-is…it’s all about upcycling found pieces into something that’s totally your own right? Plus, the best thing about paint is that you can paint over it!

    Love B

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