A Part that’s worth the Whole

Sometimes you have to see the smaller picture. Last week, the thrift faeries guided me to something long awaited; they also guided me to something I hadn’t quite expected. The faery looked remarkably like my sister (which is why she’s one of my favourite thrift partners) who guided me to a set of pillows at the HIdden Treasures M2W2 Thrift Shop in Abbotsford.

What caught her attention first was the colour – a pumpkin orange that looks great in my den. I didn’t really need another set of throw pillows but as she pointed out to me these were only $2 each.

Still, I am trying to be more conscious of what I spend, even if it is only $2. Just because I’m thrifty, doesn’t mean I can’t be guilty of consumerism. In fact, being thrifty can make a person a huge consumer, which is why TV shows like “Hoarders” exist. Four things finally made me capitulate.

  1. The quality of the pillows themselves. The covers are a little bit pilled, which is what made me hesitant in the first place, but they are removable, which means I can wash them. That’s a bonus.
  2. The pillows inside are feather pillows – who ever heard of throw feather pillows? It makes them extraordinary comfortable.
  3. The buttons. I love unique button detailing on just about anything and I know that large, wooden buttons like this cost more than $2 a-piece. That’s part of the smaller picture I was talking about: even if I were not to use the pillows at all, it was worth the purchase for the buttons alone. Sometimes you have to look at the part as much as the whole.
  4. The faery saying “Hello? $2!”

The pillows look great on my thrifted futon.

this is not a picture of me. sorry.

I also picked up another pair of Reitman’s comfort fit denim jeans. I’ve got 4 pairs of these now – two blue jeans, one black and one brown corduroy, all thrifted. This is going to make me sound like an old lady but I love these because they pull on. They’re super comfy and because they don’t have a zippered front, they lie flat giving me less bulk across my abdomen (don’t need any help in that department, thanks.) I actually wear these as ‘dress’ pants to work because they look great with heels or loafers and blazer or nice sweater.

I really like the Hidden Treasures thrift shop. The volunteers are friendly and I noticed again that they have a cheerful rapport with their customers. I like the bulk pricing on most things (all jeans $4, all t-shirts $2, etc.) it just makes it easier on volunteers and usually means customers are getting an awesome deal.

Next week, I’ll tell you about two new-to-me thrift shops I discovered in Vancouver this week. Until then, tell me one thing you’ve purchased for the part, not the whole.


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