Thrifting in Kitsilano

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a morning in Vancouver in the Kitsilano area, so I checked out two new-to-me thrift shops.

Salvation Army – 2714 W.Broadway just east of MacDonald

This isn’t an overly huge Sally Ann but clean, well-organized and staffed with helpful, friendly volunteers. Things are a little more pricey than other charity thrift shops – a trend that makes me grumpy and that I’ve blogged about before.

I tried on a few things and came home with this great, Reitmans skirt. (I have to apologize for the poor quality of the photos today, my SLR was not available…)  I thought I was taking a chance on it because it’s not lined but I’ve worn it to work 3 times already, it’s SO comfortable. Worth the $5 it cost me.

I also scored a few CDs – 3 Christmas classics: Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and Winter Harp. A friend of mine attended a Winter Harp concert a couple of years ago and he said it was the best concert he’s ever been to. I bought this CD on that recommendation. I’m listening to it as I write this blog and I have to say it is absolutely amazing. It’s one I’ll come back to again and again. The opening notes of Gaudete literally gave me goose bumps. All the CDs were $2 a pop – again a little more than I’d like to pay for a CD but what the heck.

SPCA Thrift Shops – 3626 and 3606 W. Broadway just east of Alma

These shops are actually two locations, on the same block, separated by one shop (I guess they couldn’t get the place right next door?) – something I didn’t realize until I had to leave, so I’m only able to review the clothing shop. The other shop houses all their house hold goods, furniture and TONS of CDs and books. It will be worth another trip into Kits to check this out.

looking towards the back

The clothing shop itself is a bit of a rabbit warren with rooms that keep going towards the back and it wasn’t quite clear if the very back room was a sorting space or if customers were allowed back there. I ended up following other shoppers back there anyway to check things out. They have one room dedicated to shoes, which is kind of cool and a separate space for men’s clothing. There were, oh, about a hundred garbage bags of clothes behind the cashier that a quiet, hipster volunteer was sorting through. So over all it had a shabby kind of feel to it but the prices were reasonable.

looking towards the front door

One of the things I like about thrifting in this neighbourhood is that the donations reflect the people who live there. So Kits shops always have eclectic things to offer and frequently have high-end brands for sale. I saw lots of MEC and Holt Renfrew, Merrell shoes and some very cool vintage clothes that were clearly from the 50s and 60s.

I came away with a couple of Olympic shirts, which made me very happy, including this blue one that I didn’t realize said “2010” on it until I took the pic with the flash. Cool, eh? I can’t get a good photo of the long sleeved shirt so you’ll have to imagine it.

I also found a fun Belgian beer baseball cap for John and a silk covered journal for myself, which has lovely, thoughtful sayings in it.

I also found this very fun Haiku t-shirt that I am going to give to my good friend, novelist and poet, Barbara Nickel. I highly recommend her writing!

So there’s my scores from last week. Where’s your favourite thrifting neighbourhood?

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8 Responses to Thrifting in Kitsilano

  1. Melanie says:

    Thanks for these reviews! I shall check these out. The haiku is makes me laugh. My new favourite is House of Vintage Fashion on Granville near Robson – good stuff but +$20 for most things…

  2. Annemieke says:

    Love the skirt and the haiku was funny! Thanks for sharing.

  3. lally Young says:

    The Village near us has 3 great charity shops, even if the prices are starting to rise slightly over in the UK

    • i guess prices are rising everywhere… i don’t mind generally speaking, because i know that charity shops are raising funds for a charity (that is their purpose after all!) but sometimes it seems like gouging. it takes the fun out of it for me!

  4. Van says:

    Jealous of your travel thrifting. I was in Puerto Rico for 11 days but didn’t get to go to a thrift store once. Ah well, at least I can thrift vicariously through your posts 😉

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