Thrifting in Walnut Grove

Second Story Treasures Thrift Store#5 – 20349 88th Avenue, Walnut Grove (Langley)

 My sister and favourite thrift shop buddy has told me for ages about this great little thrift store in Walnut Grove. First off – isn’t that a great name? Don’t you sometimes wish you thrift purchases could talk? I wonder what stories they’d tell…

I didn’t have my camera with me that day but the shop is located in a strip mall on the north side of 88th avenue. The first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful, boutique style of the shop itself. The volunteers have done a fabulous job of arranging clothing by colour first – so you’ll have a rack of grey pants, skirts, sweaters, then a rack of brown items and so on. They don’t have a big inventory on the floor but the benefit of that is that the racks aren’t crammed so full that you can’t see anything. It’s a very pleasant shopping experience.

They have a few shelves of household goods, jewelry, books, CDs and toys and a little bit of furniture. Their prices are a little higher than what you’d find at, say, an MCC Thrift Shop or Goodwill but not as high as the increasingly-overpriced Value Village. (Did I say that out loud?)

So here’s what I scored:

Found this beautiful leaf-embossed plate, which works so well with the colours in my living room and with the other leaf plates I bought in Oliver last summer. $4

I picked up a couple of books: a Grisham we haven’t read yet and a biography of Winston Churchill’s wife (I bet there’s a story or two in there, eh?) for my mom who loves reading non-fiction. Books are ½ price on Saturdays but we were there on a Friday, so sadly, I had to pay $1 for the hardcover and 50cents for the paperback. I KNOW, right?

what’s your favourite Doobie Brothers song?

I also picked up a Doobie Brothers Greatest Hits CD – I know every song on this CD but didn’t realize that it was the Doobies who did half of them. This is my new favourite house-cleaning CD. $1

This brand new picture frame is one I’ll put away in my to-gift cupboard. I think it’ll make a great wedding gift, don’t you? This was a little more pricey at $5.50 but it is unused and I know I’d pay 5x that at Michaels.

And finally, I bought this great sweater-dress. I’ve been looking for one of these for a couple of years now and have had a challenge finding one that doesn’t make me look dumpy. The a-line style of this one could have made it tent-like on me but the drape of it is really nice. I like the button detail on the sleeves and it’s a wool-blend so it’s super cozy. I love it enough that I was willing to pay $7 for it.

This is a lovely little shop to which I will return. The shop supports the Langley Hospice Society so it also supports a good cause. I think all of our shopping should support a good cause, don’t you?

So tell me: if one of your thrift purchases could actually tell you its story, which thrift purchase would you choose?

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8 Responses to Thrifting in Walnut Grove

  1. Sixballoons says:

    Ooh great picture frame!

  2. Empress Cares Alot says:

    This has been a favorite second hand store for years. The staff is exceptional, the store is always clean and well organized, and the they really take into consideration the quality of the products that are put out.

  3. Megan says:

    Thanks for reminding me to be forward thinking re. frames 🙂

    • Picture frames are such a nice gift, i think. I always love it when someone gives me a nice frame. We got a few nice ones as wedding gifts more than 26 years ago and our pics are still in them! i think they make good grad gifts and baby gifts too.

  4. Dawn says:

    Gosh, it would be so hard to choose one, I think about that when I buy thrifted items. Recently I thrifted a beautiful handmade quilt that was made for a little girl, embroidered and appliqued. I got it for 1 dollar at a yard sale. Big enough to cover a full size bed. I gave it to my niece for her birthday. I wonder who made it and what it’s been through with that first little girl : )

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