Black Friday Thrifting

If you’re a die-hard thrift shopper, you know that every day is Black Friday when you shop thrift! You also know that the secret to successful thrifting is constant visits to a thrift shop. Because I volunteer at a thrift shop, I’m in one every week. I probably visit one or two other shops every week and whenever I travel somewhere outside of my community, I always consider visiting thrift shops at that destination. Even so, just because you visit thrift shops frequently, doesn’t mean you’re going to find something every time. It’s often a case of feast or famine.

Happily for me, lately, it’s been a feast!

I’ve already shared with you a few new-to-me shops I’ve encountered in Kitsilano and Walnut Grove. Today I’ll share with you a few more finds from one of my favourite Kits Sally Ann’s – the one at1906 W4th (at Cypress) just west of Burrard.

My leather belt died a few weeks ago so I’ve been looking for a replacement for a while already. I really like this one because it’s sturdy without being bulky. Sally Ann is a little more expensive but given that this is leather I didn’t mind paying $6 for it.

My son’s love of football (read: soccer) has rubbed off on me. This England world cup tshirt is like new.

In keeping with the football (read: soccer) theme, I also scored big with this DVD. LOVE this story. And look how young Keira Knightly is!

Aaron’s love of sports has extended somewhat from football (read: soccer) to… Aussie Rules Football (read: football invented by people inhabiting a penal colony) but your chances of finding merch from that sport here in Canada is pretty much nil. So he made do with this Jets t-shirt

And this Green Bay Packer’s football (read: American football) jersey only because it has “Favre” on the back. (And can someone tell me why they pronounce his name “FaRve” when it’s clearly not spelled that way?)

We also scored a few more CDs:

Death Cab for Cutie (should be nominated for Weirdest Band Name Ever) – I love this Seattle band for its intelligent lyrics.

Straight No Chaser – this a capella group did the youtube rounds last year with their hilarious, live rendition of 12 Days of Christmas. That song is also on this CD and though the case is a little worse for wear, the CD is in perfect condition.

U2 – the case says Joshua Tree but even though I’d listened to it a few times it took Aaron actually looking at the play list while listening to the CD to discover that the CD is actually Achtung Baby!. I always check the CD before I purchase it but because it said U2 on the CD, I naturally assumed it was Joshua Tree. Not that it’s a bad thing to get a U2 CD of any kind for $2! I think I’ll just find the cover and playlist for Achtung Baby! on the internet somewhere and replace it.

So tell me: did you do any Black Friday shopping – thrifting or otherwise?

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5 Responses to Black Friday Thrifting

  1. Lady Demelza says:

    I live in a city where Aussie Rules football is the local religion. There is such a plethora of AFL gear in all the op shops around here that the oppies are starting to throw out team scarves rather than try to sell them. Drop me an email and let me know which is your son’s team and I’ll look out for a little something for you.
    I can’t stand it myself. I once remarked to a friend that if I were running this country, I would ban football. He replied that if I did, I would be the first Australian leader to be carried out of parliament.

    • I’ve just sent an email. I think that Aussies must feel about AFL, the way Canadians feel about ice hockey. It’s pretty much religion here too – so you can imagine how fans are feeling right now with a hockey strike on. I think if a leader tried to ban hockey here, they too would be carried out of parliament and set on an ice berg to drift away in the Arctic.

  2. Cheapchick says:

    Great finds. I did no Black Friday nor Cyber Monday shopping. I love the thrifts but don’t think they did anything special on Friday here in Comox/Courtenay

  3. Megan says:

    I don’t like getting frenzied for Black Friday, so I didn’t shop. I like that you waited to replace your belt ’til you found what you wanted. I like it that thrifting helps me to not get to attached to “things”.

    • what an interesting perspective – that thrifting helps us not get attached to ‘things’. i think that’s true because a true thrifter really does wait for the things they “need” (which is such a subjective term, right?)

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