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One of the cooler things about working for a non-profit that has thrift shops is going to visit those thrift shops when you travel. Last week I was in Akron, Pennsylvania, home of Mennonite Central Committee’s (MCC) home office. Happily, some of the staff there asked if I wanted to go thrifting while I was there. You can imagine my response: “You have to ask this question?”


Ephrata Re-Uzit

Ephrata is about 10 minutes from Akron, so we made a quick lunch time excursion here. What’s interesting to me about this shop’s sign, is that it doesn’t say “MCC” on it anywhere. It has our thrift shop logo and tag line (“In the Name of Christ”) but doesn’t say MCC. There may be some valid reasons for that – one being that MCC is so well-known in this area that it has its own street sign in Akron.


The shop is tidy, clean and bright. It’s well organized and prices were very good. They had some really interesting items in their silent auction section, including a really cool crazy quilt from the 30s that I would have bid on had I lived there. Because I was traveling without checking bags, I was very limited to what I could buy.

sweater vest

I picked up a great sweater vest for John.


And some awesome buttons for my sister who is a jewelry maker. I don’t know about you, but I could play with buttons forever. I have very fond memories of spending whole afternoons with my mom’s button box, sifting my fingers through them, sorting them by size and colour. It feels a little like playing with jewels.


Morgantown Re-Uzit

Same deal: no “MCC” in the sign. When we got there, there was a horse and buggy parked in the parking lot (which I did not photograph out of respect.) The shop is kind of neat because it has a sloped floor – I gather the building was once a church.


This shop had a great collectibles section. My friend Marla bought some amazing ancient photos and a cool tin box to put them in – all dated from the mid-1800s. That’s the thing with the East Coast, eh? It’s just OLDER. Out here, we see an item from the 1950s and we’re all aflutter. Sheesh.

I purchased a belt here for a colleague who took it home with him.

All in all, I spent $7.50 – and to make my life simpler, I counted it as on par with the Canadian dollar. So I’m still within my $20 monthly spending limit.

Next week, I’m going to share about the MCC strip mall we visited. Yes, you read that right.

What did you find on your thrift visits last week?

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5 Responses to Pennsylvania Thrift

  1. Maria says:

    We are soon doing a family trip to Disneyland. I didn’t feel like bankrolling new Disney wear for my daughter or spending too much time looking at Tinkerbell t-shirts when we could be in line for another ride on Splash Mountain. So I went to the nearby thrift store and found her 3 Disney princess t-shirts, and a Tinkerbell hoodie. She is thrilled with her new wardrobe to show off on our trip and I spent less than I probably would have paid for one new hoodie!

  2. lally Young says:

    ohh lots of things!!! But I am on the look out for a teaset and some other bits and bobs. I also picked up lots of clothes, I think in US currency they work out at about 75 cents each!!!! So now I have a fit to bursting wardrobe!!!

  3. Megan says:

    I’m so jealous of your MCC adventures. I’m currently dreaming of a trip to Sasketoon to hang out with my friend in the MCC thrift shop where she works 🙂

    • it’s true that one of the lovely benefits of working for MCC is that i get to visit a lot of thrift shops – but anyone can do that really. If you visit the thrift website – – you can do a search for a thrift shop anywhere in North America. I’d love to hear about the one in Saskatoon!

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