Recent Finds and Resolutions

crosses and tambourines

I’m back and if you want to know what I’ve been up to, take a good look at the photo above. If it piques your curiosity, then visit my other blog and you’ll get all the details.

The other reason that photo is important is because it has a thrift component to it. I spent the last several weeks trying to find exactly the right black top to wear to the event outlined in my other blog. I found it at MCC Abby East. I also was looking for a chain for the crucifix that I’m wearing in the photo.

crucifix and chainThe crucifix itself was purchased last September at the Mennonite Central Committee’s Festival for World Relief. I got it for $3 at the end of the day when everything at the jewelry booth was reduced by 50%. I knew I could wait because most Mennonites are not inclined to wear crucifixes and I was right: it was waiting just for me. The problem was that it came with a too thin, too short chain. I found this chain at the MCC Clothing Etc. shop in Abbotsford for $4. It’s longer and I think the decorative nature of the chain totally works with the elaborate nature of the crucifix.

Wildlife Thrift Store Drake and Granville

I also had a chance to live in my favourite city for a couple of days and visited the Wildlife Thrift Shop on Drake and Granville in downtown Vancouver. I had tons of time so I spent nearly 2 hours browsing through every inch of the store.

CDs wildlife thrift shop march 2013

I tried on a bunch of things but was not lucky; however, I did find some CDs…

CD envelopes wild life thrift shop march 2013

some CD envelopes, which are always handy to have…

barbarian invasions wildlife thrift shop march 2013. jpg

and a great Canadian movie, the Barbarian Invasions, which won an Oscar in 2003. Got all of this for $15.

So those of you who are good at math and remember my new year’s resolution will already be wondering how I managed to stick to my $20 a month goal. So far it’s evened out – I under spent in January and February but over spent in March. But because I said I’d carry over any left over money from one month to the next, I’m actually ahead by $1.18 as I go into April. To be honest, I did not include the used books from Russell’s Book Store in the mix because technically it’s not a thrift shop (since it doesn’t support a charity and is a for-profit store.) Feel free to call that rationalization if you want.

What were your best finds over Spring Break?

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