A Thoughtful, Vintage Wedding

dan and anna

This is Dan and Anna-Marie. They are two of my very favourite people in the whole world and my family was privileged to be part of their wedding day on May 4th.

There’s lots of things that make them special but their thoughtfulness is one quality that stands out in particular. It was evident throughout the planning of their wedding and preparation for their marriage. For example, they asked John and I and another couple to be mentor couples to them – not to do their pre-marriage counseling (someone else did that) but to be there for them as they prepared and to continue to support them throughout their marriage, when they have questions or concerns, joys and sorrows. There’s a lot of wisdom in that. Instead of having bridesmaids and groomsmen, they asked their families and close friends to stand around them in a circle as they spoke their vows to each other and charged us to hold them to their vows.

They also care deeply about peace and justice issues and showed that to their wedding guests by not buying wedding favours for everyone; instead, they made a donation to Canadian Foodgrains Bank to offset the carbon emissions incurred by all those who had to travel to their wedding in Winnipeg. Their wedding rings are made from recycled gold and the diamonds are ethically sourced.

Anna-Marie and her Grandma Born - who is 90 years old and spent a great deal of time on the dance floor! It is her mother's dress that Anna is wearing.

Anna-Marie and her Grandma Born – who is 90 years old and spent a great deal of time on the dance floor! It is her mother’s dress that Anna is wearing.

Anna’s dress was also special. It belonged to her maternal great-grandmother, so it is over 100 years old. She had it slightly altered to update it and it was simply beautiful.

anna's bouquet

Her bouquet also carried her heritage in it. Made by her friend Hannah, the “flowers” were made from fabric and then enhanced with her paternal grandmother’s broaches and buttons found in grandma’s button box. Other jewels were found in thrift shops. The bouquet was built around a single, silk hydrangea flower purchased at Michael’s crafts store. The little flower girls had similar bouquets and Dan’s boutonniere was also a simple flower made from fabric and a button. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Their day was such a joyful one – there were lots of tears of happiness, all of which were wiped away by hankies that were sewn from vintage fabric. Just another thoughtful touch!


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5 Responses to A Thoughtful, Vintage Wedding

  1. Lorie Key says:

    That is beautiful! I absolutely love the creativity.

  2. Stephanie says:

    What a lovely, thoughtful alternative to a mass market wedding. Sounds like the day was so much more special and inclusive than all the stress and expense of the big budget weddings that see people go into debt for the sake of one day.

    • indeed. they were so intentional about the whole ceremony/reception; they really wanted to be thoughtful about each element and didn’t do things because that’s the expectation or what everyone else does. it really was a very special day.

  3. Megan says:

    Anna-Marie just oozes beauty. I know that weddings do that, or are supposed to, but your “non-professional” photos just make me hopeful.

    Thanks for sharing. I so appreciate your stories about your young friends. As someone in a small Mennonite community with very few young people, it encourages me to see young people in far-off places who care about things that I care about. It makes me feel like I’m not as alone as I feel sometimes.

    So thank you Angelika 🙂

    • The wonderful thing about the internet is that it can, sometimes, make the world a smaller place. As an older person, it also encourages me to see young people so passionate – in fact, i am moved and inspired by folks like Dan and Anna-Marie all the time. So be encouraged! You are NOT alone!

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