Rummaging for a Good Cause

If you’ve read my “About” section, you’ll know that I work for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) – the relief, development and peace organization of the Anabaptist Mennonite churches in North America. MCC works in more than 50 countries worldwide, responding to disasters, helping people toward self-reliance and working for peaceful solutions to conflict. I love this organization and the way it does its work – if you’re interested in what we do, visit our website.

clownsThere are many ways in which MCC funds this work – thrift shops is one of them – but one of my favourite things about MCC is its festivals, fairs and sales. This weekend, I attended the MCC World Relief Fair in beautiful Black Creek, BC. It’s a wonderful, volunteer organized and run event and has a fantastic small-town community feel. There’s great food, entertainment by local musicians, silent and live auctions, an amazing plant section and fun things for kids to do. But one of my favourite parts is the Rummage Sale.

rummage sale insideHoused beneath a huge tent, it’s a treasure-hunter’s paradise. Rows and rows of table piled high with stuff, boxes of things to sort through, racks of clothes, piles of shoes. When we arrived at the Fair this morning, it was pouring rain so it was the perfect place to spend an hour digging for treasure – and the best thing is, all the money went to support MCC”s work.

Here’s some fun stuff I found:

cdsSomeone of my musical taste must have digitized all his/her music and donated CDs here. I came home with 9 of them: Zepplin, Beatles, Genesis, Bob Marley, Santana and so much more… music heaven!

oscar and madeleineThe complete works of Oscar Wilde. Doesn’t everyone need this? I also love Madeleine L’engle and while I have “A Wrinkle in Time” I picked up this copy anyway because it’s in such wonderful shape. It will make a great gift. I picked up the second in the series to add to the one I have at home.

mennonite storiesThis little gem, all written in Goetische (Gothic) script says “Pictures of the Church and Mennonite stories” – it’s a collection of stories of the history of the Mennonite church. My mom is going to love it.

paisley topThe problem with rummage sales is that you can’t try clothes on, so this great top/bathing suit cover up doesn’t fit my Rubanesque figure (ahem.) But it will probably fit my sister, I hope she likes it!

thumb key board,This thumb piano looks like it’s made from coconut and has geckos carved in it. I love it. Most of the instruments like this that I’ve played are tune-less, this one actually has a nice sound to it and you play melodies and harmonies on it.

beer wisdomWe seem to have started a beer glass collection and have a ridiculous amount of glasses at home but we had to buy this one because of its (Mennonite?) pacifist declaration.

Along with this we bought a fabulous surge protector/power bar, a funky wind chime and filled a whole bag full of mens shirts for a “Clothes for Pros” event that is being held by a youth employment program at my hubby’s office – providing job-interview appropriate clothing for youth. All of this came to $30 – a deal for us and support for the good work of MCC!

Where’s your favourite rummage sale? What’s your best rummage sale find?

Apron Thrift Girl has returned with her Thrift Share Monday – so I’m hooking up there. Also check out the treasure sharing at a living space. See what others have found this weekend!

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  1. thismumrocks says:

    Hmm, those rummage sale shoppers appear to be snacking…curious any yummy Mennonite treats like farmers sausage or roll kuchen? Love the beer glass 🙂

  2. rummage sales make me happy=–I JUST read a wrinkle in time to my kids-they loved it-I’ve been reading a book about the beginnings of the amish and imagine my surprise to find your post and read about the anabaptists…INTERESTING past!

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