Thrift Will Provide

Last week my toaster oven died. Just like that. This constitutes a small disaster in our house as this is probably one of my most-used small appliances. We use it for toasting but since there’s only 3 people in our family, I use it for making meals all the time.

toaster overn full

So my must-do-full-product-research-before-I-can-buy-anything husband did his thing and looked up various products on-line. Found a cool website called Test Freaks that rates products. We found one we thought we’d like  and went to evil-Walmart to buy it because Test Freaks said they carry it and apparently it was even on sale. Turns out the freaks were wrong and evil-Walmart didn’t have it at all. What to do?

toaster oven Oster

Hit a thrift shop, obviously. My son found this lovely Oster toaster/convection oven at MCC Abby East for only $12.50. The little tag said “Works” and since Aaron works there (and I volunteer there) we actually believe the tag. Took it home and found out it was true!

toaster oven tag

So now we have a perfect little toaster oven. God is in His heaven and all is right with the world.

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6 Responses to Thrift Will Provide

  1. Kat Wahamaa says:

    ah – so glad you found one so quickly! Looks super groovy!!!

  2. Dawn says:

    A pretty one too, that’s great : )

    • super groovy AND pretty! woohoo! i also like the look of this one. when i was scouting around, i was surprised at how strongly i reacted to the look of the toaster oven. too many dials put me off (it communicates “too many things that could break or go wrong”) too tall to fit under my counter, some had a sloping look to them instead of bread-box-square, and i just didn’t like that at all. having said all that, i wonder if i would have bought an ugly one anyway, simply because it was a deal…

  3. EXCELLENT! isn’t that funny how it ALWAYS works out like that?

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