Thrift Upgrade

Every once in a while I find an item at a thrift shop that I already have at home but that is in much better condition than mine. It’s not that I necessarily have to replace my item because it no longer works (like I did with my toaster oven a couple of months ago. “New” one still working great, by the way) but a newer one would be, well, newer.

pampered chef choppers inside

Case in point: my Pampered Chef chopper. I realized that I had my old one for 17 years and it still works absolutely fine but almost immediately after I bought it, the clear plastic casing part became scuffed and almost opaque – I couldn’t really see whether or not what I’d chopped was as fine as I wanted it.

pampered chef choppers detail

So last week, at MCC Abby East, I saw the one on the left, still in its box, brand-spanking new! I got it for $14 (sells for $41 on their website) so I’m feeling like I got a smokin’ deal. I sent my used one back to the thrift shop – they won’t get as much for it because of the condition it’s in but they’ll get something for it. In the meantime, I’ve been super happy with my upgrade. Now I can see what I’m chopping!

Have you ever made an upgrade at a thrift shop?

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  1. I have! I bought a bundt pan and bought it only to have the finish come off so I dropped it off and immediately picked up a new one by nordicware

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