Proud Sister Moment

benita's first day of school

This is my only sibling – my sweet sister, Benita. She is super talented – sings, picks up instruments and just learns them like that, gardens like she was born in Eden and cleans house like Martha Stewart. She’s kind and compassionate and smart.

This week, she’s going back to school to become an Educational Assistant. It takes a lot of courage to go back to school when you’re in your when you’re an adult. So to encourage her, I bought her a new lunch box. Not just any lunch box – a Highschool Musical lunch box. I KNOW, right? I put a drinking box in it and an eraser with a peace symbol on it and a Winnie the Pooh pencil. I also bought her a note book that has half lined/half blank pages so she can write AND draw. Also a pin that says “old fogey”, because she also has a sense of humour. Got it all at a thrift shop, of course.

Congratulations to you, Benita – all the best as you return to school! I’m super proud of you!

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6 Responses to Proud Sister Moment

  1. Wendy Whittaker says:

    Wow, she is amazing. Hasn’t aged a day in the 30 years since I saw her last either (she was only 3 at the time I think). Love the lunchbox, mine has Snoopy on it. You are lucky to have such a talented and beautiful sister….and she’s BRAVE too! Good luck in school Benita!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I graduated from university when I was 50. You can do it!

  3. Sonja Everson says:

    My internet isn’t working in China, despite the VPN!

    Love the blog post.what a super supportive and fun Back-to-School gift.

    Please send my encouragement to Benita! It’s scary, hard, exciting, exhilarating.and never too late to start. I loved the UBC courses I took last year. It felt like a huge accomplishment, and yes, I had to study 2-3x’s longer than the average student but in the end I had such a sense of accomplishment that I hadn’t felt in YEARS! I have finally discovered that i LOVE school. Who would have thunk? LOL

    Prayers, encouragement and support all go out to the ‘old fogey’ with the cool lunch kit!

    xoxo s

  4. Dawn says:

    That is so great, going back to school! Cool lunch box too, I have a metal Barbie lunch box I used to use when I worked, I loved it : )

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