It’s in the Genes

penny pileI’ve often shared how much I enjoy thrift shopping with my sister and my mom. I’ve also shared my son’s penchant for finding great deals at thrift shops. Well, my nieces are also thrift-minded and my youngest niece, Alivia, has also started her own blog: A Penny for Your Thoughts. Allow me to be a proud auntie and toot her horn!

alivia's blogThe blog is part fashion commentary, part advice column and part thrift-sharing. She invites questions on fashion and thrift and promises to answer these in future blogs. On her “Thrifty Thursday” blog posts, she shares her unique finds – like the amazing grad dress below. She also talks about how to put pieces together to reflect that latest trends.

grad dressI love the playful look of her blog and applaud her efforts in encouraging others her age to save money and choose a thrift lifestyle. It’s also fun to see her explore her gift for writing and pursue her desire to be an editor. I’m super proud of her!

I encourage you to visit A Penny for Your Thoughts and to share it with other youth looking to save a buck while wearing the latest trends.


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