A few of my favourite (Christmas) things

We have a few Christmas traditions around the Dawson house.

christmas tree 2013Gotta have a real tree.

shortbread on the left, ginger sparklers on the right, the white-sugar dusted crescents are my mom's Vanillien Kipfeln

shortbread on the left, ginger sparklers on the right, the white-sugar dusted crescents are my mom’s Vanillien Kipfeln

Gotta make short bread and a few other awesome cookies.

three great versions of my favourite Christmas story

three great versions of my favourite Christmas story

Gotta watch Scrooged, A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sims version and the Muppet version), It’s a Wonderful Life and a few others for sure.

CP-LightGotta take in a few local Christmas concerts/theatre presentations (my favourite annual one is Christmas Presence cohosted in Abbotsford by Pacific Theatre and Gallery 7 Theatre.

some of the cards i've made over the years

some of the cards i’ve made over the years

And gotta send Christmas cards (homemade or thrifted).

What are some of your family’s favourite Christmas traditions?


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5 Responses to A few of my favourite (Christmas) things

  1. Sonja says:

    We go out as a family and find one special ornament to represent something of that year. If the ornament doesn’t have a year on it, I carefully paint it on. Each year we take the time to carefully open our special box of collected ornaments and recount it’s importance. We also make sure to watch the sound of music, Love Actually along with some of the standard Christmas movies. I’ll also add that I look forward to receiving one of your homemade cards each year….and I’m going to miss out this year!

    • love that ornament idea. we also have an ornament tradition: we try and purchase an ornament from our travels. it makes for such a great souvenir because you don’t have to look at it all year and when you hang them on your tree it brings back such great memories. and as for my cards, i’ll save yours and give it to you when you come home, how’s that?

  2. sankoji says:

    One of our family’s traditions is to cut our Christmas tree the weekend following (American) Thanksgiving every year. We go to an old-fashioned Christmas tree farm near the house, traipse through muddy fields in search of the perfect tree, and then roast hot dogs on the bon fire once all is said and done. The tree goes up and is decorated that same weekend, and we enjoy its twinkling lights for the entire month of December. This is a tradition my family started when I was in my teens, and I love that we’re carrying it on with our son as well.

    One of my personal traditions is to watch “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” at least once, but my husband would beg to differ as to whether this is a worthwhile family tradition!

    • wow! this sounds so wonderful! we also get a real tree each year – we don’t get it quite as early but we leave it up until epiphany (January 6th) but i love the way your family makes a whole day of it. that is awesome. and i’ve never seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – might just have to try that this year!

      • sankoji says:

        There’s usually multiple copies of it at the Christmas thrift stores. 🙂 The Richmond Hospital thrift store is selling their Christmas videos for $.50 each right now, and the Delta Hospital thrift store in Ladner has a great collection for $1 each. Lots of copies of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

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