The Christmas Card Debate

some of the lovely cards i've received so far

some of the lovely cards i’ve received so far

This has been an unusual Christmas for me for a number of reasons, the least important of which has to do with Christmas cards. I haven’t received very many. (Yes, close family and friends, that is a definite hint!)

I don’t know the reason for this but it isn’t because I’ve received a bunch of e-cards instead of snailmail cards. I’ve only received one Christmas e-mail (from my highschool creative writing teacher who now lives in Austria and who sends this each year.)

a card i've made in the past - based on "the holly and the ivy"

a card i’ve made in the past – based on “the holly and the ivy”

While I love to hear from folks I don’t hear from very often, I have to say I am old-school when it comes to Christmas cards. I love the real thing. I love sending them and I love receiving them  – especially now that emails have made the handwritten letter all but extinct. Isn’t it wonderful to receive something other than a bill or a flier in your mailbox?

Don’t get me wrong, I use email all the time. But when it comes to Christmas, getting an e-card feels… lazy. Sorry.

I understand that it’s cheaper (and with Canada post having announced recently that postage costs will increase in January, I’m interested to see what this will do for the greeting card industry in the future) and you’d think that being a thrifty person I would actually love e-cards. But I don’t.

what's greener? ecard? purchased card? home made card?

what’s greener? ecard? purchased card? home made card?

I don’t entirely buy the environmental argument because there are a lot of hidden environmental impacts associated with running the world wide web. (Read this interesting article for more on that.)

It just feels more meaningful to me to know that someone chose a card or took the time to get a photo card made or write a Christmas letter and put it on pretty Christmas paper, then jot a note on it and put it in an envelope and mail it to me. It speaks of effort made on my behalf and for that I am grateful.

How about you? are you a traditionalist? Or an e-card loving modernist?

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5 Responses to The Christmas Card Debate

  1. Annie says:

    I totally agree!!!! 🙂 I’m old school this way too. for years now we’ve made Christmas photo cards and mailed them out snail style! LOVE receiving them too!! such a blessing to hang them up and look at all the kids and how they’ve grown and changed….

  2. Dawn says:

    I’m with you, I love to recieve mail at Christmas. I send cards and I wait eagerly for mine to start arriving : ) and tape them to the inside of my door to display.

  3. Sonja says:

    I love getting cards in the mail. I’m totally old school that way. I’ll admit that I’ve gotten rather lazy over the past few years and have seriously cut down on sending out cards. I will correct that when we get back…it’s on ”the LIST’. I’ll say it again…I love getting your homemade cards each year.!

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