This is not news.

Photo from this morning's Vancouver Sun.

Photo from this morning’s Vancouver Sun.

The front page headline of today’s Vancouver Sun read: “Thrift store chic draws budget-conscious shoppers on Boxing Day in Vancouver.” The story was all about people lining up to shop at the Kitsilano Salvation Army shop while down the street no one was lining up to get into Lululemon. The Sally Ann was offering Christmas stuff and clothing at 50% off.

While I was thrilled to see something thrift-related on the front page, I thought “really? this is news?” For some folks, I guess, but not for the likes of you and me, dear reader. We already know that thrift shops are the best place to go for all kinds of stuff – and we also know that most thrift shops have a 50% off day at least once a month. The only thing that surprise me was that a thrift shop was open on Boxing Day.

So, friends, let’s have a smug-in. Pat yourself on the back for being a trend-setter, for being in the know, for being smart, budget-conscious shoppers all year round!

Did you go thrift shopping this boxing day?

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  1. Dawn says:

    I havent been in awhile, we had an unexpected move right before Christmas and then a houseguest but I cant’ wait to get back out there : )

    • ugh, i hate moving! my hubby and i always say we will live in our house as long as we can do stairs and as long as it isn’t falling down around us. LOL. i had a job change this fall that also meant a change in the amount of time i work (more full time) and i now walk home from work so can’t zip around quick after work to look at thrift stuff. it’s interesting what you learn about your own habits when you make a change. (note to self: next job needs to be within walking distance of a thrift shop…) happy thrifting in 2014!

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