On the Receiving End

globe lamp detailI have blogged in the past about giving thrifted gifts – something I do often – but this year, I was also on the receiving end of thrifted gifts and was thrilled! My son did nearly all of his shopping at thrift shops this year (the one exception was a gift he bought last year on Boxing Day and saved until this year. How’s that for planning ahead?)

globe lampThe coolest gift was this globe lamp bought at Champion Jack’s closing out sale earlier last month. I’ve been scouring thrift shops for these for ages but they almost never come in. In September, Aaron and I were in Champion Jacks and I saw that they had two of them but I didn’t want to pay what they were asking. Aaron actually remembered this and when the store closed and everything in the shop was more than 50% off, he scooped one up for me. Isn’t it awesome?

golden santaHe also added to my ridiculously huge St. Nicholas collection with these two pencils Santas.

tree santaBooks are a common gift in our household and I scored this Augusten Burroughs Christmas themed book of short, autobiographical stories.

you'd better not cryIt’s amazing that this guy turned out even vaguely normal given how severely dysfunctional his family is…the story that started with his childhood confusion of Jesus and Santa (he thought they were the same person) ended with him having his stomach pumped. It just got worse from there.

robin williams dvdAaron also picked up Robin Williams Live on Broadway DVD – hilarious but very crude. Even without drugs, Mr. Williams brain moves faster than lightspeed. He is amazing.

Not bad for thrifted gifts, eh?

What did Santa bring you this year?

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