Return to Richmond

In my last blog post, I shared the adventures of the Vancouver Airport Chapel thrift store which is actually in Richmond. It was a new adventure but that day began with a return to a few Steveston second hand shops I had visited before.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASteveston General Store – 12071 1st Avenue, Richmond

This store has a fun, old-world feel to it. The shop is clean and things are nicely displayed, focused primarily on vintage household items, linens, knickknacks and furniture pieces.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey don’t sell clothing but they do sell accessories (shoes, handbags, jewelry), some CDs and they have a few shelves of used books.

???????????????????????????????I didn’t find anything here this time. My sister picked up some cool silver spoons, one inlaid with abalone shell – she repurposes these into unique jewelry pieces.

village books and coffeehouseNext door to the General Store is the Village Books and Coffeehouse bookstore and coffee shop (shouldn’t those two things always go together?) where we each picked up a book. Anyone read this? I don’t often buy a book without any recommendation but this seemed intriguing.

secret daughter ot tsarSide note: We bought tea. Mine was awesome, Benita’s was awful – but we were warned about that. It was a cold medication tea that had a Buckley’s quality to it and since Benita was fighting a cold she thought she’d try it. It lived up to its billing but it seemed to work!

We had fish and chips at Dave’s (of course) and then headed to my other favourite thrift store in Steveston: the Richmond Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store – 3920 Moncton Street, Richmond.

not sure why, but they repainted their front doors white instead of the bright, scarlet red that they used to be. i miss the red doors.

not sure why, but they repainted their front doors white instead of the bright, scarlet red that they used to be. i miss the red doors.

Housed in an old church building the quirkiest thing about this store is the sloping floors. This photo is taken straight on – see how the clothing racks slope and lean into the wall? You really have to fight gravity if you want to look at things on these racks!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI  found a couple of fun things here:

in blues we trust t sirtin blues we trust t- back viewBenita pulled this t-shirt off the rack for my son Aaron – we are all in rehearsals for an upcoming Good Friday Blues service, so this t-shirt seemed fitting, especially since the House of Blues was established in 1992, the year of Aaron’s birth.

brown sweater detailI also picked up this great sweater that I’ve worn to work several times already. It drapes beautifully and is really comfortable. The loop detail in the front sold it.

cosby and glasgow undergroundAnd at 50cents a piece, I couldn’t resist picking up some vinyl for Aaron. He already purchased Cosby’s “To Russel my brother whom I slept with” so I added this one to his collection.

glasgow undergroundAnd since John and I are headed back to Scotland this year, I couldn’t resist the Glasgow Underground. We have no idea what it sounds like – but isn’t that the best thing about thrift? You’re willing to take a chance on something when it’s only 50 cents. If I don’t like it, I’ll re-donate it to another thrift shop where some huge Glasgow Underground fan will be thrilled to find it.

Which thrift shops do you revisit? What draws you back?

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7 Responses to Return to Richmond

  1. Annie says:

    so curious how much that old pram was?

  2. Kathryn Johnson says:

    Am wondering how much acomodation costs in Scotland?? Have been to Ireland 5 yr ago the cheapest we could get was 70 euros a night incl. breakfast. I really want to go to Scotland but am afraid of expense.

    • it really depends on the kind of accommodations you’re looking for. our trip this time around is turning out to be a bit more expensive because we’re going in high season (last time we were there in september/october) and the dollar is not as strong. still, we’ve found some success with airbnb – rooms we’re staying in are typically around $65 or $75 Cdn. my hubby says it works best for more populated areas (like Glasgow and Edinburgh) but for outlying areas (like Orkney and Shetland) we’ve used the Visit Scotland website. which lists all kinds of different accommodations and all kinds of prices. Scotland is SO BEAUTIFUL… i can hardly wait to go back!

      • Kathryn says:

        Thank you for the info Hope you have a really good time. I volunteer at a thrift shop dealing with the clothes, shoes area plus medical supplies so I enjoy your blog immensely ! We are thinking of going to Scotland next year celebrating our 40th anniversary.

      • At which thrift shop do you volunteer? Maybe I’ll come visit sometime!

      • Kathryn says:

        It’s called Loads of Love, a humanitarian aid organization through our church, Evangel Community Church here in Chatham, Ont. We support local needs with welfare and offer goods we receive reconditioned and useful for sale to the general public. There’s more info on our Facebook page…so if you ever come to Chatham, I would be glad to meet you. Have a good day.

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